• Stage Name: Sowon
    Birth Name: Kim So Jung

    Group: GFRIEND
    Position: Leader, Vocalist

    Birthday: December 7, 1995

    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

    Blood Type: A

    II. Sowon Facts

    – She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
    – She has an older sister.
    – She graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School.
    – Sowon is majoring in Visual Media and Acting at Sungshin Women’s University.
    – When she was a student, she used to take part in cheerleading.
    – She can speak Korean and Japanese.
    – She likes cooking and walking the catwalks.
    – She good in playing bowling.
    – Sowon’s favorite food is seafood.
    – She has driving license.
    – Sowon mentioned in Idol Room ep. 34 that she is 172.8 cm (5’8″) and her legs are 113cm (3’8″).
    – She is said to have one of the longest pair of legs among female idols.
    – Sowon is the visual of the group. (They introduced her as GFriend’s golden visual on GFRDxMMM Showtime.)
    – She trained for 5 years before debuting.
    – Sowon is close to TWICE'S Nayeon and Pristin's Nayoung.
    – Sowon is very scared of bugs, while Yerin is very good at catching bugs.
    – Sowon has a dog named Meonji.
    – She was a trainee at DSP and she trained along KARD members.
    – She visited North Korea when she was in the 5th grade.
    – Sowon appeared in Rainbow’s “To Me” MV.
    – Her stage name Sowon means “wish” in Korean.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)