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  • Can me have akorns to buy an emblem for our guild? You may have a special guild title in return :holding-back-tears:

  • Ma'am are you alive???

  • Rainbow hi do you play valorant if so wanna play with me perhaps!

  • Hiii, I was wondering how you could join the Once cult. Is the member application the only thing you have to do? If it is, I have posted it already on that thread. Thanks!

  • Rainbow! Where are you....you're not here and not "there" either. Life been busy? :flop:

    • finals week maybe?

    • So studious lol, I would not been able to resist getting on, especially during Twice's comeback :flop:

      But I hope that's the case.

    • Is finals week in March for you, silkie? Man, if that's true, I feel bad for you... ;(

      Nah, finals week is the last week of school for me and those aren't always required if you completed all the requirements to not have to take them (75%+ overall grade, no more than 5 absents or 5 tardies and no missing work) and then you can have an early summer!

      Nope, it's mostly been studying for the ACT and getting ready for college applications. A lot of hard work ;(

      And I'm also not as interested in this forum as I used to be. I'm still here every once in a while but it's not as near as much as it used to...


    • Ah ok, good luck with everything then!

      Was just doing a well being check.. :flop:

    • yes. my school does the 4-by-4 schedule so I have finals in March and again in June.

  • hai rainbow

    • Silkie!! It's been a while~

      How are you??

    • good <3 I've been trying to take care of my mental health lately because it has plummeted to......a very very dark place. It's honestly still there but its gotten a lot better.

      btw I was just reading through that thread (you probably know which one)....... never again :exit-pepe::boompepe::exit-pepe::pepe-spray::pepewash:

      anyways how are things going for you? :flower-cutie:

    • Aww, really? I'm so sorry to hear that...I hope that things get better for you and if you ever need to talk about anything, my DMs are open. <3

      I'll be praying for you, little sis! :teddy-pepe:

      Oh my goodness...I think I have an idea of what you're talking about... :pepe-tinfoil-hat:

      Things are going pretty well! I'm on spring break and it's just been a whole week of rest from school other than studying for my ACT. I hung out with my cousins and grandma last weekend and we went to Comic Con and yesterday I had a campfire with my friend and some of the members of his church which were really nice. My head is a little boggled from the Chaeyoung shirt controversy which I'd rather not get into but yeah...everything's pretty chill 8)

    • thanks rainbow :pepelove2:

      yep.....it's exactly what you're thinking. :pepe-cut:

      my head is currently boggled by the Twice 5th World Tour thread (you know which one). I think I lost braincells reading that :exit-pepe: I hope you're doing well lately. also good luck on the ACT!

    • No problemo! Anything for my lil' sis :lover2:

      NOOO :waterr:

      Waiiittt what happened in the Twice 5th World Tour thread? I haven't been on in a while, as you can see...or, in other words, I've been phasing in and out 🤷🏾‍♀️

      Crazy but I mean even as ONCE, I believe that there's no point in defending her. She doesn't deserve death threats or anything of the sort (no one deserves that) but she kinda needs to learn. That's all I think tbh :eyes:

      Thank you!! Good luck with your finals! :pepe_akorns:

  • rainbow you're 17! I remember when you were like 15 and I was 13 ;(

    • Yep! And then I turn 18 in October!

      My parents are already like "as long as you live under this roof, you still have to follow our basic rules but we're giving you more freedom." They'll let me date and let me watch any show that I want 8)

  • Hey which badges should I get :jihyo4::daehyun1::momo5:

  • rainbow are you still part of the staff?

  • :flop::pinky-exhausted:

  • Hello RainbowPop2~

  • 안녕하세요





      Also yasss~ BOP of the year~

    • hello you have reached the voice mail of 000-heaven

      Please send a voice shit thingy after the beep

      *halo sound*

  • ANNYEONGHASEYO! hello rainbow!!!!

    how have you been?

  • I got Sakura aesthetics too!!! I am no longer a faceless user lol.

    • Yay congrats!! I saw that and I was about to comment in that one thread about it but I didn't want to derail it :sweat:

      And now we're also Sakura aesthetic twinsies!!

    • Yaas!!

  • Hi, please check your DMs. I am awaiting your reply

  • Hello!
    i noticed you have visited my wall :lover3:

    so now i visit you! :unmask-bee:

    Happy halloween!

  • My lil shister :hug-raccoon:

    uWu 1
  • smiley632.gif Happy Birthday Rainbow!! I hope you enjoy it!! smiley632.gif

  • happy 1 year closer to death


    Also please appreciate my generosity :peperich:

  • Happy bday! I'm sorry you weren't feeling good </3

  • Happy birthday 🎂

    Hope it's a lovely one 😊

  • RAINNNNNNN hru? :)

  • thanks very much for the forehead sign! :iloveyoub: -Your No#1 Fan

  • im really curious how did you get your username? and I love the smalls you're killing me lol

    • Ooh! Are you asking how I came up with it or how I changed it? I'll just answer both~

      I came up with it because I wanted a new username with Rainbow in it. I originally wanted to do just "Rainbow" but after I found out how hard it might be to actually get it, I decided to go back to the drawing board. I don't really remember how I thought of Rainbowlicious...maybe because I was hungry, I don't really know...But Ves said she liked it so I rolled with it :p

      And I changed it by purchasing the "Change Username" for 2500 akorns, I believe it was. It's under the Connections & Username Change tab in the akorn shop.

      Haha thanks. I remember hearing it from somewhere and knew it was from a classic movie/tv show. So I looked it up and found out where it was a quote from. But I chose it because Jihyo's pretty short compared to the other Twice members and she constantly is killing me with her beauty, cuteness and talent so it seemed fitting LOL

    • I was asking how you came up with it lol thank you for Anwsering it!

    • No problem! :lover3:

    • :D

  • Hi i just purchased a Fire Sale on Animated Badge Sets with who should I talk to to get my badge ?

    Thank you

    • Oh i got the set i wanted it's all good now thank you :borahae::finger-heart:

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    • haha you changed your aesthetic quickly

      I don't think you even had that last one for that long!!

      Also...NOT THIS SONG!! :cryingr:

    • lol i was just playing with you..... I knew that aesthetic would only last a day. I was actually planning to change my aesthetic but then horizon needed help with *something* so I stepped in. :jihyo5:

      yes this song :sana5:

    • Ohh haha 😅 It was pretty funny and really confusing, I'll admit :cryingr:

      Wait...did you AND horizon plan this? :pepe-narrow-eyes:


      It's funny that horizon has been sending me this song more times than I can count and I haven't even had the heart to check it out. 🤣

  • Thanks rainbowmod224, you are truly a help :dahyun3:

    LOL 1
    • It was my first time using the ban hammer :pleading:

      I think I took care of it before a lot of people saw it. I hate bots like that, who make 10 threads in a row, instead of maybe a few posts before getting banned.

    • I'm pretty sure I was the first one to see it lol

      I'm very fast :pepe-army::pepe-torch::pepe-firing:

    • LMAOOO I was scrolling through the AKP forum main page and I saw that mess...

      It was all in Chinese too...like who sends Chinese advertisement bots to a forum where English is our main language?

    • The thing was they were all the same thread, just the same thread copy and pasted 15 times :chaeyoung4: It would have gotten out of hand if no one stopped it so I reported the first 5 threads then gave up lol

    • really??? I actually didn't notice XD

      I guess you have a keener eye than I do!!

      True honestly. At least I was online to fix it! :flying:

  • Hello love <333

    • Hello, love!! <3
      How's it going~

    • it's going well love!

      how is it going for you?

    • Glad to hear <3

      It's going pretty well...school is tiring but well, it's school so no surprise there! Haha 😂

    • That's great mi amor and yeah I totally understand school is hard most times <333

      I hope you have a good night love <333

    • Yep, it is. But I'm pushing through it! I'm going to be graduating next year so :p:p:p

      Thank you! You too, love :pleading:<3