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  • I take it Nayeon's your bias? I love your badges

    • :yesr::yesr::yesr:

      thank you, i need all the badges to make it clear Im Nayeon biased lol

    • My bias changes so much but the very first member I fell in love with was Momo!

      My original bias

      but my current bias is Jeongyeon

    • Nice, what made you stan Momo in the first place and what caused you to switch to Jeongyeon?

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      She was servin!!

      and Jeongyeon's high notes in Up No More made me stan!!

    • Yes, I need more Jeognyeon high notes...

      It must be tough as a Jeongyeon stans lately with the health issues and concerns. Hoping you're staying strong.

  • thanks for the follow back!<33

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  • thanks for following back Nayeon-akgae ;-)

  • please support my Rolling Quartz badge petition for a mere 10 akorns here:

    Rolling Quartz Petition

    tysm! :finger-heart:

    • Done!

    • you're so sweet! :borahae: tysm! i really appreciate it! :finger-heart:

  • Akron’s please!

  • Thank you so much :pepe-sad::pepelove1::pepelove:

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  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

  • where is the gif in your sig from?

    • It's from Yena's solo debut.

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  • we're friends now btw :pepelove1:

    just thought i should let u know :pepe-use-head:

  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?


    Thank you! :sana1:

  • Hello. Do you like Tuk tok?

  • Hello

    • Hi :shake-it:

    • Is there a possibility that you'd create an "I'm gonna be a star cult" with taglist and all? Just curious...

    • lol possibly :pepe-smug:

      Jk prob not, lol I don't want to annoy the Onces

    • Oh, I just wanted you to know that I'd join.

      +Those who'd be annoyed would be tasteless .

    • Yes...we will take over...I will form the cult when they least expect it...they wont see it coming :pepe-devil:

  • the ritual is not complete... a wall conversation actually involves a conversation...

    now i know why you followed me so tell me something about yourself

    • Mmmm.....outside of kpop, I spend my free time on cars, photography, and exploring nature areas.

    • how did you get into those hobbies?

    • Cars I got into after I got my license. I just like going fast and after I bought my first car, I was a broke high school student which means I had to figure out how to fix it if anything went wrong because I didn't have money to bring it to a mechanic.

      I've always felt at peace in nature. I've also done some pretty intense hikes like Mt LeConte in the Smoky Mountains and Rocky Mountains to name a few I don't think I can think of any feeling that can beat the high I get after a 20 mile hike to summit.

      Photography I picked up because I didn't want my out door adventures to just be in memory. Memory is a finicky thing and false memory is a huge issue for people. I use phtography as a way to capture memories and feeling the best I can so that when I look through them in the future, I can some how relive those special and important moments.

    • so you're a car enthusiast then? can you fix cars and the like?

      are you at uni now or working

      nice..never been a hiker myself but from what other people say it can be exhilarating...by the locations you mentioned you would be in the US?

      exactly...which is why I have taken a picture a day of my son's relatively short 3.5years life lol

    • Yeah I would probably consider myself an enthusiast. I mod cars and I attend far meets, etc.

      I'm working full time now but I still fix cars with my group of friends, it's still cheaper to just fix the car myself unless I just don't think I can do it. Nowadays you can figure almost anything out on YouTube.

      I never thought I was a hiker before either but after I started doing it, I found out it's one of the things I found most happiness doing.

      You definitely want pictures of your kid, they change a lot at younger age, visually but wow a pic a day for 3.5 years?

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~

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    • I already voted. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to. I don't even see any pictures lol and the conversation in the thread is confusing.

    • omg just you wait until you see our outfits!!! I HOPE WE MAKE THE GUILD PROUD!


    • Even if it looks like a hobo in rags, it's getting my vote :smirks:

    • LOL <3 Have you seen the outfits?~

    • I have not...where can I see it. It wasn't on the thread...

  • Nayeon is bomb af in ur sig

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    • All credits to her. Looking this gorgeous is so effortless for her. I can post almost anything of her in sig and it'll look bomb af LOL

    • Perfect World and Fake & True are my favorite Nayeon looks

      TWICE Fake & True MV but it's just when Nayeon gets a solo or focus screen  time - YouTube

      perfect world on Tumblr

    • When I first started stanning Nayeon, I really liked her baby cutesy looks

      NAYEON FY!» — © heartlipped | do not edit.

      But she has proven that age doesn't affect her because as she's older now, she has this very sexy and mature look that I love just as much.Pin on twice

  • hello fellow once :froghype: how did you get the guilds emblem, asking for a friend on this ;(

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    • You can buy it from the shop at 100 akorns each. Once you purchase it, you'll get a chat thing from Ves asking which version you want, 1 or 2.

  • You are very close to 1000 akorns, hyung


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    • There will be no doubt I will have enough :-) Now the question is...are they going to release 2 badges lol

    • Oh noo.... I guess I will only choose one of them....


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    • :smirks: Don't underestimate my dedication. However, I do appreciate the offer :omgr:
      We shall see what happens in the coming hours :flying:

  • Red is clearly Nayeon's color

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    • It really is :lover1:

    • In Alcohol-Free she wore red, she shined in that color as well as in your dp

    • Yes, she's always looked stunning in red too in past. Take for example, DTNA, of course she looks more mature in red now that she's older now

      nayeon pics on Twitter: "dtna jacket making… "

    • Just fab!

  • just wanna say

    that profile pic is beeautiful

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    • Thanks, she's so beautiful, its always hard to pick just one.

  • Stan bp :cursing:

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