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  • Hi! Hru?

  • Thank you for the follow :iloveyoub:

    how did u fin my user :groovins:

  • that's interesting you followed me and I've followed you but it seems we've never had a wall conversation

    • well.. how are you?

    • I'm good and as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself my friend

    • well i just turned 17 4 days ago and it was super boring lol

    • aww...that't not very good

      congrats and happy belated birthday my friend...

      was it due to covid or some other factor that prevented a party

      Did you at least eat cake?

  • Hiya, thanks for the follow <3 And happy late birthday :groovins:

  • Hello :happyr:

    thanks for the follow :lover3:

  • Hi!

    Thank u very much for the follow!! :lovec:

    Have a nice day! :blowing-kiss:

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  • SENT OVER <3 we can’t have you be poor!

  • :pepelove1:

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  • heyyy :pinky-salute: thanks for the follow.

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  • Of course!!! Ask and you shall receive <3

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    • I love you so much

    • I am here for you whenever you need me <3 Plus o heard you’re a fellow Midzy and blink!!!