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  • *gasp* you changed your dp again?! :eek:

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    • Changed it as soon as I saw this pic lmao, bb too cute

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    • Same lmao when I saw this picture of Jihyo I think I just fell in love and made it my pfp LMAO

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    • That's one of the best pics of her ever fr, how does she look even better with less makeup :pepe-life-support:

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  • Inhabit the worst TWICE song :pepe-excited:

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    • Really?



      At least you didn't say Bulldozer...

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    • The actual worst song is on M&M, that's all I'll say :pepe-hehe:

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    • Phew

      I mean

      I'm glad you didn't say BDZ

      if you don't like that

      your weird


      everyone has

      their own opinions




  • why the dp change :(:mad::mad:

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    • Nayeon forehead was my very first akp dp for a long time and I'm feeling nostalgic :pepeflushed:

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    • :mad: i thought it was emma chamberlain at first

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    • Emma wishes :cursing: Now that you mention it I see the 4head and brow resemblance lmao

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  • Unfollow if this ain't your jam :cursing:

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  • Stan bp :cursing:

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    • I'm a casual fan mama, no one can resist the lovesick girls :groovins:

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    • You deleted our convos wenchy? :( :cursing:

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    • I would neva, tons of posts got deleted in this revamp lol idk why :pepe-popcorn: There's no rhyme or reason to it

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    • Yeah I heard from the mods just now :( I thought you cleaned the junks from your pf lol :cursing:

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    • Nothing you've said has been delete worthy so far, but let's discuss Nayeon :pepe-smug:

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  • I love you Wenchiii


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  • why thank you for the follow

    but why me my friend?

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    • You're cool :pepe-shades: Even if you don't 'stan' TWICE I'm pretty interested in your opinions re:

    • thank you as i ask everyone tell me about yourself

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    • I liek TWICE, LOONA, Lovelyz the most and pretty much every other active gg to some extent. Wbu?

    • I like a lot of GG as well but since I only got into kpop in 2019 mostly the third gen groups...

      I probably have a favourite group but why disclose it :P

      I prefer more GG than BG because as I indicated somewhere - If I'm going to be looking at hot sexy people dance and sing they sure as hell better be girls... :wow:

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    • Kpop girls are just better looking, that's objective. Disclose, I won't tell any of the guilds :eyes:

  • simp 4 nayeon :shyr:


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  • Gonna learn stick after eight years :pepe-excited:

  • thanks for the follow :danceb::danceb:

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    • You a nice oncie, also apparently a Gahyeon stan too whew :moneyk:

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    • i try :saint:

      I stan dreamcatcher! Bout to get their badge, got Gahyeon first cause i think it goes well with the twice badge. I'm a gg stan in general. What did you think of their new album?

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    • Great as usual, I see some disappointment over Odd Eye on here but I like it better than Boca tbh?? Plus Handong is back for a cb:pepe-excited:

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    • Samsies, it was so nice to see her back with the girls. Poison Love is my favorite bside so far :pepe-grooving::pepe-grooving:

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    • Wind Blows is the best imo, but they're all good. It kind of reminds me of some j-rock songs.

  • This new notification system is unhot ass :clown:

  • My titties hurt, boys don't click

  • :danceb:

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    • hihi, I never got to thank you for complimenting my Nayeon sig b4


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    • hmm i'm starting to like nayeon :danceb:

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    • Really? :love: Jihyo likes her too :evil::saint:

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  • Kukukaka U952JS9.png

  • Welcome to the new hangout.


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    • Ayyy eman, sorry for the late ish reply these notifications got me so confused lmao. Otherwise liking the site so far wbu :/

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    • Me too!

      Only thing is I just want to be able to like posts without clicking 3 times...


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    • It's actually a lot easier on mobile tbh, your finger only has to move a tiny bit. And I'm living for the clown emoji as well lmao :happyr:

  • Am I an IDIOT or is there no follow button

    • click on tiny human on the profile, right next to search symbol, it shows a follow option

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    • You can hover over the user's name and click that + button, or go to their profile page and click the icon next to the magnifying glass and it'll give you the option. I just realized myself.

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    • Thank you guys, I see it now!

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    • hey queen