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    • Hey Clem! :mvbee:

      Hru sweetie? :flower-cutie:

    • hey hyung :chicken-dance: i'm not doing great today. wbu?

    • Seriously? I hope nothing serious happened :-(

      I'm doing great. I had a really nice week. And now I'm working :drinktears:

    • that's good to here :thumbs-up: i hope all your weeks are good :hype-cutie:

    • I have a lot of work this week so it's kinda complicated but I'll handle it as usual ;-)

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  • Vu que t'aimes bien l'énergie positive


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  • what if roses aren't rosie? what' if they're tulipie or violetie? :thinkerpepe:

    • To be or not to be ;-)

    • And Roses are always Rosie that's an alleged fact ¬‿¬

    • i thought alleged meant like presumed without proof :thinkerpepe:

      it's violetbobatea btw :pepeflushed: i payed for a username change

    • It's presumed without proof cuz you don't need it. It's just a trivial matter :pepe-shrug:

      I know as I visited your profile. Your new nickname is not that bad :iconpepe:

    • rosie posie is just a trivial matter to you :emotionalpepe: /j

      not that bad? :pepe-laser-eyes:

      you mean amazing, beautiful, and perfect, right? :pepeflushed:

  • whats the best born pink song?

  • Hello! :lover3:

    i noticed you Visited my profile :beehaw:

    so now i visit yours :ooo-bee:

  • :pepelove1:

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    • Hey drama how are you? :pepelove2:

    • Good good. Gus finally showed up so thought of you :flirt-pepe2:

    • Just for watching BCS you're one of the best user in this forum! :hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

      I have to rewatch the show as it's one of my fav and give my thoughts :giftr:

    • I am absolutely in love with it! I don't know how to stop watching. Thanks for suggesting :iloveyoub::send-love-bunny:

    • I told you it was good :flirt-pepe2:

      I'm really glad that you liked it. If you didn't watch Breaking Bad you should also watch it :dancer-pepe:

  • Hii Uncle Rosie! :froghype: It's been so long since I backread lol, been busy with school :emotionalpepe: Anyways how are you doing? :pathead:

    • Hey niece Hilary. Yeah it's been a while. Fortunately we weren't that much active during the weekend ;-)

      I hope you did well in your exam (especially in math) :finger-heart:

      I'm doing great. What about you?

    • I'm gonna backread when I have more free time.. which is soon.. me thinks..

      Thank youuuuu :hug-raccoon:

      I'm doing great too, having a snack rn cause I'm hungry. :pepepizza:

    • Do as you feel. If you don't feel to backread then don't. If you really want to backread then do it.

      You're welcome. :pathead:

      I was eating cup ramen for lunch :pepe-full:

    • Thanks!! I wanna do it! Maybe the next few days..


      Ooh, nice!!

      Also congrats for reaching 13k posts! :pepe-toast:

    • Sorry for replying very late. I've been bombed by notifications ;(

      If you feel the need to backread then I'm with you my niece :cheer-bunny:

      Thank you very much niece Hilary, I didn't notice reaching the 13k milestone :blushing:

      And congrats for you reaching the 14k posts :send-love-bunny:

  • Akorn please

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  • Hello Uncle Rosie! Now it's my turn to congrats you for 10k posts. Have some apple juice. :pepe-toast:

    Or... would you like some champagne maybe? ;-)

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  • FcSdBH9akAAurBO?format=jpg&name=900x900

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    • Elle est magnifique. Je peux même pas la regarder en face :pepe-peek:

    • :yesr:

    • Je pense changer ma signature et ma photo de profil avec ça

    • Dis moi le vibe que tu veux et qui et je t'aiderai à trouver une bonne sig ;-)

    • Ah c'est trop gentil de ta part, tu m'aiderais grandement dans cette période de flemme :uwu-party-bee:

      Je vais essayer de t'envoyer ça après m'être reposé. J'ai passé une longue journée ;-)

  • Joyeux anniversaire


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  • Numbers are no fun!

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    • Numbers are not fun but you have to take them into consideration. When your bank account amount is negative for instance. :-P

    • That's the only set of numbers that are fun. :oks:

    • I was implying these ones when talking to you LN (or Neperian Logarithm) ¬‿¬

    • I forgot that you're an AI. Good thing you started speaking gibberish again :pepe-cross:

    • What you don't understand is an AI ig :evil:

      You should go to school and learn more math you'll be alright ;-)

  • :hug-raccoon:

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    • How are you niece Hilary? :pepelove1:

    • I'm doing good, wbu Uncle Rosie? :pepelove2:

    • I'm really fine. What did you do today?

    • That's great. Soo I watched a kdrama and I think I found a rec for you now. Also I read a fanfic recommended by someone.

    • That sounds cool. If you have a recommendation feel free to tell me ;-)

      As for me, I'm working today so I might reply later to the messages ;-)

  • So where is the adobo? :pepe-hips:

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    • How was it? I made it with passion! :lover4:

    • The desperation for my validation smh :pepe-hips:

      It looked so good though! Hope you enjoyed your meal!

    • Thank you very much for your validation adobo master :pepefrog:

      I really liked this dish :pepe-full:

  • Hi Rosé akgae!!

    Wassup man!! Can I ask you how old you are?

  • everyone's following selfmate today

    so as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself which I don't already know my sugar in tea friend

    • Hey selfmate!!

      I followed you cuz of your message in the blink chat room.

      I think you don't know I like reading manga a lot ;-)

    • well i try my best to get to know the person on the otherside a bit (to the extent they are comfortable in sharing)

      what kind? - I remember that I used to read the manga - Saint Seiya when I was still in China and my grandparents used to buy them for me and I even managed to bring a few books to Australia when I immigrated...I think the books are still at my parents house...

    • Sorry for replying late great archmage :pepe-pray:

      I like reading manga with fights and a good background (historical, fantasy, etc...) and my favourite ones are Naruto (the number one), Demon Slayer, Tower of God (even if it's a webtoon), Kingdom and a lot of stuff.

      Saint Seiya is the OG of shounen manga, I used to watch the anime and I'm sad that it didn't cover the manga

      What about you?

    • archmage? that's the first I've been called that...why archmage?

      and no probs reply at your own time and own convenience...no need to apologise...

      ahhh interesting from your list the only one I've watched (anime wise though) is Naruto - I guess I've watched most of the "westernised anime" such as Pokemon/Naruto/DBZ etc etc

      I watched the anime as well and it's pretty good (but I'm also biased since it's one of the only memories I have from when I was still in China)

      why do you prefer the manga to anime? is there a particular reason? do you prefer to read books to wtching shows?

    • archmage cuz you look like a wise-man selfmate hyungrr :pepe-angel:

      You've watched the best so it's okay like that. I also watched Pokemon, DBZ, HxH and Dai (the remake).

      Did you like the first opening of Saint Seiya?

      About the manga, it depends : if the anime covers the whole serie with some add-on and good animation I pref the anime (Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen for instance), on the contrary I prefer the manga. In the case of Saint Seiya, the anime didn't cover the whole manga :-(

  • give akorns pls :pepe-beg:

  • Hi! Hru?

    • Hey I'm fine and you?

    • Good too.. What should I call you?

    • You can call me by my nickname or just Roses ;-)


    • Roses it is..

      You can call me Hilary..

      What are ur hobbies?

    • Listening to BP, reading manga, watching anime (series at some extent), playing lol, going to the gym. Wbu?

  • do you want to join the game ?

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  • :finger-heart:


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    • I love this image of Rosé.

      She has a nasty look that makes me frightened =O

      So cool!!!

    • awwwww, you're so sweet! :finger-heart: You deserve a mmld ballad! :saint:

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    • oh I will accept this huge honor from you :pepelove1:

      And you're sweeter than me :pepe-wink:

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :


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    • I would like to play but I don't think I'll be active and I'm in a different timezone :-(

    • you only need to send a video a week, at any point of the week, so it's like 15 min a week at max.

    • Hum that might be okay for me :finger-heart:

      What is the limit date to register?

    • this saturday

    • I'll give you my reply tomorrow since I'm going to bed.

      Anyway thank you for your invitation it's very nice from you <3

  • hi hi friend


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  • next target is you akorns oppa :pepe-beg:

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  • you should be able to understand that :beehaw: you're a linguistic genius! :-P

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    • Wow ! How can I understand the lyrics of the music ? =O

      Do I have some power ? =O

    • Translation:

      To the top

      To the bottom

      To the left

      To the right

      Now all go together!

      To the top

      To the bottom

      To the left

      To the right

    • I knew it! You've got all these hidden talents and you're not telling us! :cryingr:

      Good thing you're an OT4 Blink :yesr:

    • It's important to keep some hidden skills. Otherwise there is no surprise :pepe-smug:

      I'm sure you also have some hidden skills hahaha :pepe-big-brain:

      And fortunately you're an ot4 which is the best quality ever :pepe-wink:

    • my hidden talent is, i can push papers at work and post here at the same time! :angryr:

      other than that, nothing special, i assure you :pepe-flirt:

      Yes, I'm OT4 Blink, since august 2016! :pepelove1:

  • please support my Rolling Quartz badge petition for a mere 10 akorns here:

    Rolling Quartz Petition

    tysm! :finger-heart:

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  • Thanks for the follow!


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  • Of course <3 You are awesome! Thanks for following me! <3

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    • Thank you very much it's nice from you :borahae:

      You're also awesome as you're super active! :pepe-wink:

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?