• I. Introduction

    Monday is a South Korean singer, dancer and rapper under Play M Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group Weeekly.

    II. About

    Stage Name: Monday (먼데이)
    Real Name: Kim Ji Min (김지민)
    Position: Main Vocal, Main Dancer, Rapper
    Representative Day: Monday
    Representative Planet: Moon
    Representative Color: Blue
    Motto: "Nothing is impossible."


    On October 22 2018, Monday was revealed as the second member of FAVEGIRLS under FAVE Entertainment.

    IV. Weeekly

    Monday's photo was revealed on May 11, 2020. She debuted June 30, 2020 with Weeekly.

    V. Trivia

    She does not like vegetables, jujube, or beans & rice

    Monday's English name is Jessica

    In the dorm, her roommate is Jaehee

    She is an arachnophobe

    Favorite flower is Rose