• I. Info

    Birth name Seo Yu Na
    Stage name Yuna
    Angel name Yunaria
    Group AoA, AoA black, AoA cream
    Position main vocal, keyboardist
    Birthday December 30, 1992
    Zodiac sign Capricorn
    Height 163
    Blood type O

    II. Bio

    Yuna was born in Busan, South Korea. She started playing piano since she was 7 years old. After she became 18, she traveled to Seoul to live with her uncle. While in Seoul she went to auditions and practiced singing. Seo Yuri her younger sister also became a singer as former member of Berry Good.

    III. Career


    On August 9, 2012, Yuna made her debut with the song "Elvis" from their debut single album "Angels' story" under FNC Entertainment as a member of AoA group.


    On October 20, Yuna sang for the OST "I'm Ok" for KBS's TV Series "marry him if you dare"

    She has played a lead role in the Japanese musical "Summer snow".


    In february she played a lead role in a comedic korean web-drama "prince's prince".


    On February 12, Yuna and her fellow AoA members Chanmi and Hyejeong released "I'm Jelly Baby" MV as subunit AoA cream.

    In october she was a cast member of a web-drama "Hot and Sweet". She was also singer of 2 songs for that drama.


    Yuna was cast in the romantic comedy series "Single wife".


    Yuna made collab song with her fellow AoA member Jimin called "If you were me" an OST for tvN's a korean odyssey.


    She became a backing singer in Itzy's debut single "Dalla Dalla" and Cosmic Girls' single "Butterfly", she also had credits in single "Heart Shaker" by TWICE.


    On January 1, after her contract expired with FNC Entertainment, she decided to leave the group and didn't renew her contract.

    IV. Discography


    title year
    I'm Ok 2013
    Everything 2016
    Another you 2017
    Tuk tuk 2019
    Comfort 2020

    Soundtrack apearances

    title year
    Hot and Sweet 2016
    If you were me 2018
    Fall in love with you 2021

    V. Filmography

    TV series

    title year role
    Prince's Prince 2015 Park Yuna
    Click your heart 2016 herself
    Hot and Sweet 2016 Junyoung
    My old friend 2016 Eunjae
    Single wife 2017 Hwang Hyorim
    Two hearts 2019 Jo Ahra
    Love formula 11M 2019 Sojin
    Big picture house 2020 Nam Gayoung

    Musical theater

    title year role
    Summer snow 2014 Seolhee
    One more musical 2019 Moon Dain