• I. History

    The South Korean girl group AOA debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment with the song "Elvis". Their next title track, "Get Out", featured rock sounds and even had a band-concept MV to boot - the band concept was even brought over to one of the group's subunits, AOA Black, which debuted with the song "Moya". With 2013's "Confused", however, AOA abandoned the band concept and opted for sexy concepts, something that continued with the group's subsequent comebacks ("Miniskirt", "Short Hair", "Like a Cat", and so on). In 2018's "Bingle Bangle", they started trying out concepts that were different from the sexy concepts their previous comebacks had ("Bingle Bangle" had a video game concept, and the concept of 2019's "Come See Me" was darker).

    Note that AOA's lineup has changed over the years since their 2012 debut: Youkyoung left the group in 2016, Choa left in 2017 over reasons concerning her mental health, Mina left in 2019 after her contract with FNC expired (though she later revealed that she left because she was being bullied by former groupmate Jimin for 10 years straight), Jimin left in 2020, and Yuna left in 2021.

    II. Discography

    III. South Korean full albums

    1. Angel's Knock (2017)

    IIII. South Korean mini albums

    1. Short Hair (2014)
    2. Like a Cat (2014)
    3. Heart Attack (2015)
    4. Good Luck (2016)
    5. Bingle Bangle (2018)
    6. New Moon (2019)

    IIIII. South Korean single albums

    1. Angels' Story (2012)
    2. Wannabe (2012)
    3. Red Motion (2013)
    4. Miniskirt (2014)

    IIIV. Japanese albums

    1. Ace of Angels (2015)
    2. Runway (2016)

    IIV. Subunit releases

    1. Wanna Be (AOA Black, 2013)
    2. I'm Jelly Baby (AOA Cream, 2016)