• I. History

    The South Korean girl group AOA debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment with the song "Elvis". Their next title track, "Get Out", featured rock sounds and even had a band-concept MV to boot - the band concept was even brought over to one of the group's subunits, AOA Black, which debuted with the song "Moya". With 2013's "Confused", however, AOA abandoned the band concept and opted for sexy concepts, something that continued with the group's subsequent comebacks ("Miniskirt", "Short Hair", "Like a Cat", and so on). In 2018's "Bingle Bangle", they started trying out concepts that were different from the sexy concepts their previous comebacks had ("Bingle Bangle" had a video game concept, and the concept of 2019's "Come See Me" was darker).

    Note that AOA's lineup has changed over the years since their 2012 debut: Youkyoung left the group in 2016, Choa left in 2017 over reasons concerning her mental health, Mina left in 2019 after her contract with FNC expired (though she later revealed that she left because she was being bullied by former groupmate Jimin for 10 years straight), Jimin left in 2020, and Yuna left in 2021.

    II. Members

    Birth name: Park Cho Ah

    Stage name: Choa

    Angel name: Choaya

    Nick name: Cho-umma

    Birthday: March 6, 1990

    Position: main vocal, rythm guitarist

    Current status(2021): youtuber


    -Interests are creating food recipes, listening to music, take strolls

    -she can play guitar, drum and piano

    - her motto is "Live in the moment, without any regrets"

    -she like people calling her "sweet and bubbly"

    -she likes people with good manners

    -fave food sashimi, chicken, watermelon

    -fave k-group Fin.K.L

    -fave sport likes walking

    -fave color white


    Birth name: Shin Ji Min

    Stage name: Jimin

    Angel name: Jiminel

    Nick name: Jimin baby

    Birthday: January 8, 1991

    Position: Leader, main rapper and vocal, lead guitarist

    Current status(2021): N/A


    -the letter "l" at the end of Jiminel is for "leader"

    -interested in taking photos of animals

    -she can play guitar, piano and harmonica

    -her motto is "myths of summer" in literature means "if you liked something before, you'll continue liking it in the future

    -she is cheerful and optimistic

    -fave food hamburger, fish cake

    -fave k-artist Lee Hyori

    -fave sport hates walking

    -fave color silver


    Birth name: Seo Yu Na

    Stage name: Yuna

    Angel name: Yunaria

    Nick name: Yuna seo

    Birthday: December 30, 1992

    Position: main vocal, keyboardist

    Current status(2021): yoga trainer, has a youtube channel with her sister Seo Yuri (former berry good)


    -her angel name means "Angel that is as beautiful as the flower"

    -interested in playing piano and guitar and listening to music

    -she can play piano and guitar

    -her motto is "let's live life positively"

    -she is easy-going and cheerful

    -fave food meat, raw fish

    -fave k-group SNSD

    -fave colors black, red


    Birth name: Seo You Kyoung

    Stage name: Youkyung

    Angel name: Y

    Nick name: best female drummer

    Birthday: March 15, 1993

    Position: drummer

    Current status(2021): youtuber, solo drummer


    -she is a half angel meaning she only appears in official interviews and doesn't have any line in AoA songs and no picture on album covers

    -interested in reading and listening to music

    -she can play drum and piano

    -her motto is "No matter what, always work hard towards the right direction"

    -she is easy-going and reckless

    -fave food coffee

    -fave k-group Buzz

    -fave colors white, black


    Birth name: Shin Hye Jeong

    Stage name: Hyejeong

    Angel name: Hyejeong.Linus

    Nick name: Dongdong

    Birthday: August 10, 1993

    Position: lead vocal, lead dancer, visual, center

    Current status(2021): AoA singer


    -her angel name linus comes from venus cause she is the most beautiful angel

    -interested in listening to music and watching movies

    -her motto is "Give it your all, without leaving any regrets"

    -she is outgoing

    -fave food meat

    -fave k-group G.O.D

    -fave color red


    Birth name: Kwon Min A

    Stage name: Mina

    Angel name: Minaring

    Nick name: mina chan

    Birthday: September 21, 1993

    Position: lead rapper, vocal, bass

    Current status(2021): N/A


    -the "ring" at the end of her angel name is for halo on her head, also adding ring at the end of a word in korean makes it cute

    -interested in listening to music, strolling, climbing

    -she can play bass

    -her personality changes

    -fave food yukhoe, creamy pasta

    -fave k-groups Shinhwa, f(x)

    -fave colors white, black, red


    Birth name: Kim Seol Hyun

    Stage name: Seolhyun

    Angel name: Seolhyunari

    Nick name: cutie hyun

    Birthday: January 3, 1995

    Position: lead dancer, vocal, center, face of the group

    Current status(2021): AoA singer, recently opened her youtube channel


    -her angel name means charming, also it means infecting people with seolhyun virus

    -interested in walking and watching movies

    -she can play piano

    -her motto is "failing while doing your best is also success"

    -she is careful also has her worries

    -fave food milk and coffee

    -fave k-group G.O.D

    -fave colors purple, pink


    Birth name: Kim Chan Mi

    Stage name: Chanmi

    Angel name: Chanmi T.T

    Nick name: Chan T

    Birthday: June 19, 1996

    Position: main dancer, lead rapper, vocal, maknae

    Current status(2021): AoA singer


    -she said her angel name is to be fitted for the cute maknae of group, but in fact she always cries when under attention

    -interested in kitties and comic books

    -her motto is "try whatever you can when you get the chance to do it"

    -she is easy-going and sensetive

    -fave food biscuits, ramen, rice and meat

    -fave k-group AoA

    -fave sport riding bicycle

    -fave color black

    III. Discography

    IIII. South Korean full albums

    1. Angel's Knock (2017)

    IIIII. South Korean mini albums

    1. Short Hair (2014)
    2. Like a Cat (2014)
    3. Heart Attack (2015)
    4. Good Luck (2016)
    5. Bingle Bangle (2018)
    6. New Moon (2019)

    IIIIII. South Korean single albums

    1. Angels' Story (2012)
    2. Wannabe (2012)
    3. Red Motion (2013)
    4. Miniskirt (2014)

    IIIIV. Japanese albums

    1. Ace of Angels (2015)
    2. Runway (2016)

    IIIV. Subunit releases

    1. Wanna Be (AOA Black, 2013)
    2. I'm Jelly Baby (AOA Cream, 2016)