• I. Info

    Birth name Kim Seol Hyun
    Stage name Seolhyun
    Angel name Seolhyunari
    Group AoA
    Position lead dancer, vocal, center, face of the group
    Birthday January 3, 1995
    Zodiac sign Capricorn
    Height 167
    Blood type A

    II. Bio

    Seolhyun was born in Bucheon, South Korea. Her older sister Joohyun works for cosmopolitan as a fashion editor. She attended Gyeonggi arts highschool.

    Philanthropy works
    In December 2017 she donated 50m korean won to relief efforts following 2017 Pohang earthquake. On December 7, Seolhyun and Shin Jimin participated in a fundraiser arranged by LOVE FNC on Naver's "happy bean" platform to support childhood education overseas. She donated 50m won to Seoul school for deaf.

    In February 2018 She traveled to Kalaw, Myanmar to volunteer at the 4th LOVE FNC school for unprivilaged childeren. She donated 100m won to the comunity chest of korea to support child care facilities for low income families, and 50m won to Samsung medical care through LOVE FNC to support childeren with cancer from low income families.

    In January 2020, she donated 50m won to LOVE FNC to help build shelter for homeless and neglected youth. In March her family donated 50m won for battle against Covid19.

    III. Career


    Seolhyun won the 8th Smart Model Contest, that is when her agency discovered her.


    On August 9, she made her debut with the song "Elvis" from their debut single album "Angels' story" under FNC Entertainment as an AoA member.


    She was cast in the daily drama "Ugly alert".


    She gained fame through advertising for SK Telecome which led to more advertising offers. Same year she starred in the drama "Orange marmalade".


    In January, she was named "Model of the year" at 2015 TVCF awards.

    In March, she was selected as an official ambassador to Korea national elections.


    She played in "The great battle" and "Memoir of a murderer".


    She was cast as female lead in the drama "My country, the new age".


    She was cast in the drama "Awaken".

    IV. Discography

    title year

    V. Filmography


    title year role
    Gangnam blues 2015 Kang Seonhye
    Memoir of a murderer 2017 Kim Eunhee
    The great battle 2018 Baekha
    P1H: the beginning of a new world 2020 Seolhyun

    TV series

    title year role
    My daughter Seoyoung 2012 Seo Eunsoo
    Ugly alert 2013 Gong Nari
    Orange Marmalade 2015 Baek Mari
    Click your heart 2016 cameo
    My country, the new age 2019 Han Heejae
    Awaken 2020 Gong Hyewon

    Other shows

    title year
    Brave family 2015
    Law of the jungle 2016
    Not the same person you used to know 2018