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    Kep1er is a project girlgroup created through the survival show Girl's planet 999.

    Pronounced “Kepler the first syllable of Kep1er rhymes with the first syllable of “capture,” representing that the members captured their dreams.

    Meanwhile, “1” represents how the members will unite and become one.

    the final lineup was announced on October 22, 2021, during the final episode of Girls Planet 999

    The group is manage by Wake One entertainement and Swing entertainement

    they'll promote for 2 years and 6 months.

    The lineup consist of 9 members from different nationalities, Korean, japanese and chinese.

    Choi Yujin

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    Shen Xiaoting

    Apprenez à connaître Shen Xiaoting, l'actuelle candidate à la première place de

    Sakamoto Mashiro

    Former JYP Trainee &

    Kim chaehyun

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    Kim dayeon

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    Ezaki Hikaru

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    Huening Bahiyyih

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    Seo Young eun

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    Kang yeseo

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