• I. Introduction

    Jeong Yoon-oh (정윤오) (born Jeong Jae-hyun (정재현)) known professionally as Jaehyun (Hangul: 재현), is a Korean singer and actor. He is one of the main vocalists, lead dancers and sub rappers in the permanent NCT sub unit, NCT 127. NCT 127 sings primarily in Korean, as well as songs in English, Chinese and Japanese.

    2013-2016: SM Rookies

    Jaehyun was introduced as an SM Rookie on December 9, 2013. Originally cast as a rapper, and with no previous dance experience, he began appearing with other members of the pre-debut SM Rookies team in live performances and variety shows.

    II. 2016: NCT

    He made his first appearance in NCT on April 10, 2016, as part of NCT's rotating combination unit, NCT U. NCT U utilizes different members to match the song and its accompanying performance, as well as serving to debut new NCT members. Jaehyun appeared as a rapper, singer and dancer in "The 7th Sense," NCT's debut single, as well as a singer on "Without You" in the Chinese and Korean versions.

    Jaehyun appeared in the ongoing NCT reality show, NCT Life, from varying periods throughout 2016-2018. In April-May 2016, he appeared in NCT Life in Bangkok, focusing on the members of SM Rookies and their journey to debut. As part of the show, he prepared for shows and appearances in Thailand with other members, including Taeil, Hansol, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Ten, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin and Jisung.

    Jaehyun also appeared in the second season of NCT Life in Seoul in May-June 2016, featuring the members touring around Seoul and completing missions. He joined several of the other SM Rookies featured in Season 1, including Taeyong, Yuta and Doyoung, as well as new Chinese members Kun and Winwin.

    On June 30, 2016, it was announced that NCT would debut its first permanent sub-unit, NCT 127. Jaehyun debuted with NCT 127 on the EP NCT #127 on July 10, 2016 as a rapper and singer. Jaehyun is one of only three baritones in NCT, and his voice is used to complement and enrich 127's vocal harmonies. His vocal range also can reach a falsetto.

    In July-August 2016, he appeared in the third season, NCT Life in Paju, with the other 127 members planning and enjoying games and activities in Paju.

    In October-November 2016, he appeared in the fourth season, NCT Life: Korean Food King Challenge, a cooking competition show featuring his fellow NCT 127 members, as well as Ten.

    III. 2017: Limitless and Cherry Bomb

    127 released its second EP Limitless on January 4, 2017.

    Jaehyun returned to Thailand for the sixth season NCT Life in Chiang Mai in March-April 2017, with 127 members Johnny, Taeyong, and Doyoung, with non-127 member Ten serving as a tour guide.

    In March 2017, Jaehyun also became a host of a radio show NCT Night Night with fellow 127 member Johnny.

    127 released its third EP Cherry Bomb on June 14, 2017. It made its first appearances in live shows in the U.S. throughout the summer.

    He also appeared on a number of variety shows, often with fellow member Doyoung.

    In November 2017, he released a solo song with d.ear for SM's Station project.

    IV. 2018: Empathy and first album

    Jaehyun participated with NCT during the NCT 2018 project on March 14, 2018, featuring all NCT members, and debuting three new ones. This project also included the first NCT full album, NCT 2018 Empathy. He appears as a singer on "Boss," "Timeless," the re-released "The 7th Sense" and "Without You" in Chinese and Korean, as well as the 127 song "Touch." He is also a dancer in "Black on Black."

    127 released its first Japanese EP Chain on May 23, 2018.

    127 released its first full album Regular-Irregular on October 12, 2018, featuring a popular English version of its lead single, "Regular," that was utilized during the group's United States' based performances. The version includes Jaehyun's key line "walking with the cheese - queso queso" that remains popular in its fandom.The group also released a repackage Regulate on November 13, featuring the single "Simon Says."

    Jaehyun also featured on an OST song, "New Dream" with Taeil.

    V. 2019: First World Tour and Inkigayo

    In January 2019, 127 began its first concert tour, Neo City - The Origin, with worldwide stops until May.

    The group also released its first full-length Japanese album, Awaken. The group then increased its publicity in the United States ahead of the release of its fourth EP, We Are Superhuman, including appearing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. This EP also featured an English version song and accompanying video filmed in California. On October 24, 2019, 127 released a live album based on the Neo City concert tour.

    In addition to his activities with 127, Jaehyun continued to appear as a guest on variety shows, as well as within special performances. Jaehyun appeared in the ninth season, NCT Life: Chuncheon and Hongcheon, with 127 members touring parts of South Korea. He also appeared on a single with Doyoung for an OST.

    In October 2019, Jaehyun was announced as one of the three new MCs for the weekly music show, Inkigayo, alongside Minhyuk of Monsta X and Naeun of April. The trio went on to be one of the longest-serving and popular host combinations.

    He also continued to feature in special performances, including the year-end 2019 KBS Song Festival as part of the Four Jaehyuns, performing a cover of 4Minute's "What's Your Name?" and EXO's "Call Me Baby." He also recorded an NCT U song with his 127 members Taeil, Haechan and Doyoung for SM Station, "Coming Home."

    VI. 2020: Neo Zone and Resonance

    127 released its second full album, Neo Zone, on March 6, 2020, as well as a repackage Neo Zone: The Final Round on May 19.

    Jaehyun participated in the NCT 2020 project in October 2020, featuring all NCT members, and debuting two new ones. This project also included a 2-part NCT full album, NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1 and NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 2. He appears as a singer on 127's song "Music, Dance," as well as a part of NCT U combination units on 3 songs: "Make A Wish" in Korean and English, "Volcano," "Dancing in the Rain", which he co-wrote, and "All About You." He also features in the combination single "Resonance," which combines multiple songs. He also moves to center as part of the dance formation at points in the choreography. The entire project also appeared on NCT World 2.0, a competition-focused show.

    Jaehyun featured in key dance segments during the Resonance music shows, online concerts and award events, substituting at center and as a rapper for the injured Taeyong on several of the "Kick It "stages.

    Jaehyun was announced as a lead role in his first part as an actor in Dear M, however, its release was delayed due to controversy connected with one of the actors.

    2021: Loveholic

    127 released its second Japanese release, Loveholic.

    VII. Social Media

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_jeongjaehyun/

    His official NCT emoji is 🍑 (a peach, after his "peach skin" that he and the other Neos joke about.)

    VIII. Discography


    2017- "Try Again" with d.ear

    2018 - "New Dream" - Dokgo Rewind OST - with Taeil

    2019 - "New Love" with Doyoung

    Covers as a performer (released in digital/social media):

    2018 - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

    2019 - "I Like Me Better" (Lauv)


    2016 - "Fire Truck" (co-writer)

    2020 - "Dancing in the Rain" (co-writer)

    IX. Filmography

    X. Radio Show:

    2017-2019 - NCT Night Night

    XI. Trivia

    - Jaehyun famously joked that "he lived in America for four years - that's why he's here, man." He lived in Connecticut.

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    - Although he was born Jeong Jae-hyun, he legally changed his name to be. Jeong Yoon-oh. He still utilizes Jaehyun as his stage name.

    - He plays the guitar and piano.

    - He is fluent in English and Japanese.

    - During their training years and early days, he was the maknae to other 127 members (particularly Taeyong, Taeil and Yuta, and they still often perceive him as their young one.)

    - He is highly competitive and set the highest bowling score in the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championship with just 3 weeks of practice.

    - His "I Like Me Better" cover has 54M views.

    - Jaehyun has a relaxed and friendly personality, and he is popular as an older brother to younger members. He is called the "unbothered king" by fans.

    - Jaehyun's fans are called Valentines, after he selected the name from their choices and because of his birthday date.

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