• I. Introduction

    2021 WinterSMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS is an album that was released on December 27, 2021, which features various SM Entertainment artists. From aespa, NCT, KAI of EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, Girls' Generation's subunit Oh!GG, SUPER JUNIOR, TVXQ!, BoA, and KANGTA.

    Some of the tracks are new songs from artists such as Dreams Come True by aespa, Melody by Oh!GG, and DINNER by TVXQ!, while others are collaborations featuring various SM artists like ZOO, Snow Dream 2021, Goodbye, Magical, Hope from KWANGYA, and Ordinary Day. The Promise of H.O.T - Jazz Version is a new version of the old song which is a jazz styled instrumental arrangement.

    The title tracks for the album are Dreams Come True by aespa and Hope from KWANGYA which features all the SM Entertainment artists on the album.

    Dreams Come True was released earlier on December 11, and another featured track The Promise of H.O.T - Jazz Version was released on November 26, 2021.

    II. Background

    The album 2021 WinterSMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS along with the free online concert SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGAYA and the Headquarters 1st floor media exhibition SMTOWN EXPERIENCE : PLAY @KWANGYA were all announced on December 9, 2021 KST with a teaser photo on social media. A schedule that revealed the release date for each of the featured artists' teaser was revealed on December 10.

    One of the featured tracks The Promise of H.O.T - Jazz Version was already released earlier back on November 26.

    Teasers for one of the featured songs 'Dreams Come True', which is a remake of the original S.E.S song by aespa started releasing on December 11. The MV and song was released on December 20, and the song was featured on the full album when it released.

    From December 14 to 19, teaser photos of the featured artists were released.

    Another teaser was released on December 22, which revealed new tracks and which artists would be featured on them. SUPER JUNIOR's Kyuhyun, SHINee's Onew, and NCT's Taeil were revealed to be singing the ballad song Ordinary Day; NCT's Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery, YangYang, and aespa's Giselle were revealed to be on the rap song Zoo, and the maknaes of their groups Yeri of Red Velvet, Haechan, Chenle, and Jisung of NCT; and Ningning of aespa were revealed to be featured on the track Snow Dream.

    On December 23, it was announced that Girls' Generation's Sunny and NCT's Jungwoo and Renjun would be featured on the b-side R&B pop track Goodbye.

    New teasers showcasing all of the artists together in a photo were released on December 25.

    The album was fully released on December 27.

    III. Track List

    Title Performers Lyrics Composition Arrangement Length
    Dreams Come True
    aespa Bada, Yoo Young-jin, BoA
    Risto Armas Asikainen, Yoo Young-jin, BoA
    Yoo Young-jin, BoA, Shaun Kim BXN
    ZOO Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery, YangYang, Giselle
    Rick Brides, Taeyong, Jeno, Giselle
    Keelah Jacobsen, Cameron Joseph Rugg, Ryan Jhun
    Keelah jacobsen, Ryan Jhun
    Melody Oh!GG (Girls' Generation)
    Jo Yoon-kyung
    Ronny Svendsen, JINBY JIN, Noday, Cazzi Opeia
    Ronny Svendsen, JINBY JIN
    Lee Se-ran
    William James 'Bleu' McAuley III, Mats Valentin, Tobias Norberg
    William James 'Bleu' McAuley III, Mats Valentin, Tobias Norberg
    Snow Dream 2021
    Yeri, Haechan, Chenle, Jisung, Ningning
    Yoon Hyo-sang
    Svein Finneide, Aslak Johnsen, Ken Ingwersen, Jon-Willy Rydningen, Eirik-Andre Rydningen
    Hwang Seong-je, Mi-rae, Kim Gyu-won
    Ordinary Day
    Kyuhyun, Onew, Taeil
    Kenzie Kenzie Kenzie 4:00
    Goodbye Sunny, Jungwoo, Renjun
    danke MinGtion, Kim Yeon-seo, Dvwn
    MinGtion 3:26
    DINNER TVXQ! Oh Hyun-sun
    Jeon Sun-hwan, Jerome 'Jigg' Andrews, Shelton Jones, Saire Jones
    MinGtion, Jeon Sun-hwan, Jerome 'Jigg' Andrews
    The Promise of H.O.T. - Jazz Version
    Yohan Kim, Hogyu 'Stiger' Hwang
    Yoo Young-jin
    Yohan Kim, Hogyu 'Stiger' Hwang
    Hope from KWANGYA
    KAI, aespa, NCT, Red Velvet, SHINee, Oh!GG, SUPER JUNIOR, TVXQ!, BoA, Kangta
    Kangta Kangta Kenzie 5:33

    IV. Spotify Playlist

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