SM Station

  • I. Introduction

    SM Station is a digital music project under SM Entertainment that involves solos or duets from members in existing SM groups, as well as opportunities for singers to experiment in other genres or collaborate with artists inside and outside of SM Entertainment. The project releases a number of singles digitally each year on digital platforms, including streaming audio like Spotify.

    II. Career

    III. Overview

    SM Station was introduced as a project under SM Entertainment intended to showcase the label's artists and producers, including collaborations with artists outside of SM. In addition to experimenting with different sounds outside of their groups, SM Station songs have provided solo or duet opportunities for members in groups. For example, in the first season, D.O., Baekhyun, Chen, Lay and Suho each had songs outside of their group EXO. The project also allows for cross-label collaboration outside of SM Entertainment, inside and outside of Korea. SM Station songs have charted in Korea and the United States. The project also encompasses remixes of SM songs, usually by DJs from SM Entertainment like Imlay or Hitchhiker, and classical symphonic versions of SM songs under the name SM Classics.

    Songs from SM Station sometimes chart on the South Korean and U.S. Billboard World Song Charts, as well as winning awards. Additionally, some SM Station songs may also appear on the artist's albums, such as NCT U's Timeless, which appeared on the NCT 2018 Empathy album, tours or concert performances, such as Baekhyun's "Young" and "Garden in the Air," which appeared in his online Light concert.

    IIII. SM Season 1: 2016-2017

    The project originally began by releasing one digital single every Friday starting from February 3, 2016. Some of SM's most popular and recognizable artists participated, including Taeyeon, BoA and EXO. Several of the early singles charted on the South Korean Gaon Digital Charts as well as earning music awards. The first season ran until February 2017.

    IIIII. SM Season 2: 2017-2018

    SM Station's second season featured collaborations with foreign artists, in addition to the usual collaborations and singles. This season ran from March 21, 2017 to April 6, 2018. To kick off the new season, SM released a compilation album of Season 1 songs.

    IIIV. SM Station X 0: 2018

    In August 2018, a special season was created to support a sponsorship with SK Telecom's 0 (Young) mobile brand. It was described as a "cultural project for the young generation." Beginning with this season, releases were no longer released on a weekly schedule.

    IIV. SM Station Season 3: 2018-2019

    The third season began in November 2018 and ended in July 2019.

    IIVI. SM Station X 4 LOVEs for Winter: 2019

    In November 2019, a special winter season began with a collaboration single with UNICEF.

    IIVII. SM Station Season 2020

    The fourth season began in May 20, 2020. SM Station Season 4 also included the debut of orchestral versions of SM songs performed by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. These songs are included in the mix of Station songs.

    IIVIII. SM Station: Our Beloved BoA

    During July 2020, a special season was announced featuring covers of BoA songs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut. The season kicked off with a single by Baekhyun, who had recently become a million seller with his own solo album.

    IIIX. SM Station 2021

    The fifth season began on January 14, 2021. This season offered singles with even less regularity than previous seasons, opening with a single from Kangta in January and then not having another single until 3 months later.

    IIX. NCT Lab

    The sixth season began on February 4 with the new project, NCT Lab. NCT Lab focused on solo singles and self-composed songs by members of the NCT boy group and its sub-units: NCT 127, NCT Dream, WayV and NCT U.

    III. Discography

    Specific singles are listed in their respective seasons, as well as having their own standalone Lexicon entries. Some Station songs also appear on group's albums.

    Artwork Season Dates # of songs


    SM Station Season 1
    (also an album)
    2016-2017 52
    SM Station Season 2 2017-2018 52
    SM Station X 0 2018 5
    SM Station Season 3 2018-2019 17
    SM Station X 4 LOVEs for Winter 2019 3
    SM Station Season 2020 2020 9
    SM Station Our Beloved BoA 2020 5
    SM Station Season 2021 2021 4
    229499-ezgif-com-gif-maker-22-jpg NCT Lab 2022

    IV. Videography

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    V. Featured Artists

    VI. Videography

    See specific seasons for lists of videos