• I. Introduction

    IMLAY (임레이) is a Korean songwriter, musician, DJ and producer under SM Entertainment, who produces and mixes songs collaborating with SM artists, as well as other artists in Kpop and EDM. He also releases his own music and is known for his future bass and trap beats.

    II. Career

    IMLAY released his first single "Gaze" on February 24, 2015. He continued to DJ, remix and write songs for himself and other artists. In 2017, he signed with SM Entertainment and ScreaM Records.

    Like other artists under ScreaM records, IMLAY continued to release his own EPs, in addition to writing and producing songs for other Kpop artists. Songs from his second EP Shurai, also appeared in SM Station Season 2. In 2020, he released Dystopia, with the title track "Asteroid" featuring WayV's YangYang. In 2021, he released Utopia, with the title track "Too Good," featuring NCT Dream's Chenle.

    He also continued to work with kpop artists, including Jonghyun, EXO-SC, NCT, SHINee, Key, Yeseo, Taeyeon, Loona and aespa.

    III. Discography

    IIII. Artist

    Artwork Title Release Date Format
    Origin 2016 EP (mini album)
    Shurai 2017 EP (mini album)
    Dystopia 2020 EP (mini album)
    Utopia 2021 EP (mini album)

    IIIII. Singles - Artist

    Title Release Date Format
    "Gaze" 2015 Digital single
    "Empress" 2015 Digital single
    "Ritual" 2016 Digital single
    "Flower Flower" 2016 Digital single
    "Daylight & Cerulean High" 2017 Digital single / SM Station Season 2
    "Delcalcomanie" (with Sik-K) 2017 Digital single/SM Station Season 2
    "Without U" 2019 digital single
    "Asteroid" feat. YangYang 2020 Dystopia
    "Too Good" feat. Chenle 2021 Utopia

    IIIIII. Songwriter/Producer

    IMLAY is the composer, arranger and producer on his own work, so the list below only includes his work for other artists.

    IV. Videography

    IVI. MVs - artist

    IVII. MVs - songwriter/producer for other artists

    IVIII. Performances

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