• I. Introduction

    Bumkey (범키) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and producer under Brand New Music. He was a member of the boy group TROY and the duo 2winS.

    He made his solo debut on June 3, 2013 with the digital single "Bad Girl".

    II. Career

    Kwon Kibum was born September 22, 1984 in Seoul. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1999, where he lived for five years before returning to Korea alone in 2004 to pursue a music career.

    Early in his career, he featured on songs by both underground and mainstream hip hop artists including Dynamic Duo, Brown Eyes, and Epik High, being credited as either Kwon Kibum or Bumkey. However, after undergoing vocal chord surgery to treat a chronic sore throat, he was left unable to speak. It was two years before he regained his singing ability.

    In 2010, Bumkey debuted as part of the duo 2winS with TopBob, formerly of the hip hop group TBNY. The duo promoted actively on Korean music shows with Supreme Team and on various radio programs throughout 2010. Bumkey also featured in songs by Paloalto, Dok2, SouLime, and Dynamic Duo.

    After signing with Brand New Music, Bumkey made his solo debut with the single "Bad Girl," in April 2013. The song was produced by Primary and featured E-Sens of Supreme Team. Bumkey released his second single, "Attraction," in August with a music video starring Crayon Pop's Ellin. The song was a success, ranking fifth on the Instiz iChart, a collation of all real-time Korean music charts, for the third week of August and topping the Gaon Digital Singles Chart. Bumkey performed in Crayon Pop's PopCon concert in Seoul on October 30.

    In 2014, Brand New Music introduced its new hip hop group Troy, with Bumkey as group leader. Bumkey was part of a world tour in May (as part of the Asian Music Festival) with Verbal Jint, Beenzino, Sanchez, and Troy bandmate Kanto, performing in New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Sydney, Australia. He married former Planet Shiver member Kang Da-hye in June.

    III. Discography

    Studio Album(s)

    Cover Title Date of Release
    U-Turn 2016

    Digital Single(s)

    Cover Title Date of Release
    "Bad Girl" 2013
    "Home" 2014
    "My Everything" 2015
    "Better Man" 2016
    "Ebony & Ivory" 2017
    "Hmm" 2017
    "Lalala" 2018
    "Rain & You" 2018
    "Dancing On Glass" 2019
    "October Sky" 2019
    "Love Thang" 2020
    "Covid-19" 2020
    "Lost" 2021
    "The Lady" 2021
    "All Of My Life" 2021


    • "Love Song" (with RTMKNG) (2012)
    • "Brand New Year" (with Various Artists) (2012)
    • "Don't Be Happy" (with MAMAMOO) (2014)
    • "Brand New Year Vol.2" (with Various Artists) (2014)
    • "How Much is Your Love" (with Wheesung) (2014)
    • "Make Me Stay" (with Chancellor) (2015)
    • "Brand New Year 2015 'Brand New Shit'" (with Various Artists) (2015)
    • "Love Line" (with Hyolyn & Jooyoung) (2015)
    • "BrandNew Year 2017 'BrandNew Season'" (with Various Artists) (2017)
    • BMDM (with Hanhae) (2018)
    • "BrandNew Year 2018 'BrandNew 7'" (with Various Artists) (2018)
    • "Carpet" (with Yesung) (2019)
    • "Come Back To Me" (with D Gerrard) (2019)
    • "Holywood" (with WELOVE) (2019)
    • "BrandNew Year 2019 'Do That BrandNew Thing'" (with Various Artists) (2019)
    • "Pretense" (with NONE) (2020)
    • "First Snow" (with Xydo) (2021)
    • "BrandNew Year 2020 'BrandNew Up'" (with Various Artists) (2020)
    • "Mine With KozyPop" (with Suran, dress) (2021)


    • "Deux 20th Anniversary Tribute Album OST Part.6" ("Only for You" with Verbal Jint) (2013)
    • "Suspicious Partner OST Part.6" ("숨쉬는 모든 날") (2016)
    • "A Korean Odyssey OST Part.2" ("When I Saw You") (2018)
    • "The Undateables OST Part.6" ("돌아가도 돼") (2018)
    • "My Unfamiliar Family OST Part.1" ("Family") (2020)

    IV. Awards

    Year Award Ceremony Category
    2013 HIPHOPPLAYA Awards R&B Artist of the Year