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    I. Introduction

    Colde (콜드) is a South Korean singer, songwriter and rapper. He is also a part of the kr&b duo offonoff. In addition to releasing solo music, Colde has also written songs for other artists, usually r&b songs, including SHINee, Chai, Baekhyun, Woodz, Chung Ha and Heize.

    II. Career

    Colde began releasing songs as part of the k r&b duo offonoff in 2015, writing many of the group's songs. He also began writing for other artists, notably kr&b and k-hip hop artists. He is also part of a crew of other artists including Crush, Dean, Punchnello called Club Eskimo. He made his solo debut in March 2018 with the single "Your Dog Loves You," followed by the EP Wave.

    Colde continued writing for other artists, featuring on artists' tracks (often on songs he co-wrote for them) and releasing his own singles and EPs, including three single albums and two additional EPs. Colde's work has a notable style, often jazzy and spare on the instrumentals with a stripped-back indie feel and frequent use of acoustic guitars.

    III. Discography

    IIII. Performer (solo)

    Album Title Format Release Charts
    Wave EP 2018 KOR #23
    Your Dog Loves You single album 2018 KOR #49
    Poem (시) single album 2018 KOR #42

    Love Part 1 EP 2019 KOR #24
    마음대로 (Control Me) single album 2019 KOR #61
    Idealism (이상주의) EP 2021 KOR #40

    IIIII. Performer (solo - singles)

    IIIIII. Performer (collaborations)

    IIIIV. Songwriter

    Guide: L=Lyricist, C=Composer, A=Arranger, P=Producer

    IV. Videography

    V. Awards and Nominations

    Award Year Category Work Result
    Korean Hip-hop Awards 2019 Best R&B Album Wave Nominated
    Korean Hip-hop Awards 2019 Best R&B Track "WA-R-R" Nominated
    Korean Music Awards 2020 Best R&B and Soul Album Love Part 1 Nominated
    Korean Music Awards 2020 Best R&B and Soul Song "WA-R-R" Nominated


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