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    I. Introduction

    Na Jaemin (Hangul: 나재민), known professionally as Jaemin, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, and actor based in Seoul, South Korea. Jaemin was born in Jeonju on August 13, 2000, and later grew up in Seoul and studied in Incheon. Currently working in Seoul, Jaemin is the center, visual, lead rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of the sub-units NCT Dream and NCT U.

    II. Pre-Debut Era

    Jaemin was first scouted by SM Entertainment in 2013 while he was handing out posters and collecting trash as a volunteer with his mom. Like many other K-Pop idols, Jaemin was street-cast for his visuals and successfully passed the auditions, joining the agency and in 2015 formally becoming part of the pre-debut team training SM Rookies, where he appeared on Disney Channel Korea's The Mickey Mouse Club as a Mousekeeter alongside other SM trainees and future group mates.

    Jaemin made his first appearance on broadcast as an SM trainee on Exo 90:2014, a reality TV show starring Exo and fellow labelmates where they perform songs of successful 90s K-Pop idols as well as recreate music videos from the era. In April 2016, he appeared on MNET's reality show NCT Life in Bangkok.

    III. Debut with NCT Dream

    On August 24, 2016, Jaemin made his official debut as a member of NCT and its third sub-unit, NCT Dream, alongside Jeno, Haechan, Mark, Jisung, Renjun, and Chenle, with the debut single Chewing Gum. The group had their first performance on M Countdown the next day.

    IV. 2017 and Hiatus

    Prior to the group's first single album, The First, on February 2, 2017, SM Entertainment announced that Jaemin would not be participating in the release or any other group activity in order to have time for his full recovery from an injury to his herniated disc. His hiatus lasted nearly one year.

    V. 2018 and Return to Group Activities

    Jaemin rejoined the group as part of NCT 2018, the first special project featuring all 18 members of NCT at the time, to promote the first full-length album which united all units under the umbrella group NCT. On March 5, 2018, he made his official return with Go, the first promoted title song from the album NCT 2018 Empathy. In April of the same year, Jaemin also took part in Black on Black, the first NCT single and music video to feature all 18 members.

    On September 3, 2018, NCT Dream released their second EP titled We Go Up, and Jaemin participated in lyric-writing of track Dear Dream.

    In November of that same year, Jaemin joined the cast for the second season of My English Teen 100 Hours, an educational reality show where cast members study English for seven hours each day over a period of two weeks. Then, the cast is sent to a foreign country to test their English communication skills in real life.

    On November 13, Jaemin and his fellow group mates Jeno and Renjun, collaborated with fellow labelmate Red Velvet's Yeri for the special release of Hair in the Air, which became the theme song for the television series Trolls: The Beat Goes on. Both song and MV were released under the music project SM Station.

    VI. 2019/2020 and Solo Activities

    2019 marks Jaemin's first solo activities. In March 2019, Jaemin acted as a youth representative for UNICEF Korea committee's event "For Every Child", which gave him the opportunity to meet with Queen Mathilde of Belgium. In April, he made his acting debut as the male lead character for JTBC's two-episode drama How To Hate You.

    On June 06, 2019, Jaemin released the single Don't Need Your Love, alongside Jeno, Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung and the collaboration of English singer HRVY.

    In October 2020, Jaemin made his official debut as a member of the sub-unit NCT U with the song "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)", singing in both Korean and English versions of the song, as part of his participation in the NCT 2020 project in October 2020, featuring all NCT members, and debuting two new ones. This project also included a 2-part NCT full album, NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1 and NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 2. He also appears as a rapper on Dream's song "Deja Vu," as well as a part of NCT U combination units on "Work It." He also appears in the combination single "Resonance." The entire project also appeared on NCT World 2.0, a competition-focused show.

    VII. Jaemin's Songwriting credits

    This is a list of songs where Jaemin is credited as one of the songwriters:

    1. Dear Dream, from the EP We Go Up (2018).

    2. 119, Bye My First and Best Friend, from the EP We Boom (2019).

    3. Puzzle Piece, from the EP Reload (2020).

    4. Rainbow, from the album Hot Sauce (2021)

    VIII. Social Media

    Jaemin's IG is https://www.instagram.com/na.jaemin0813/

    His NCT emoji is 🐰 (bunny face)

    IX. Filmography

    Title Date Platform
    EXO 90:2014 2014 Mnet
    Mickey Mouse Club 2015 Disney Channel Korea
    NCT Life in Bangkok 2016 Naver, VLive, MBC Music, Youku, Tudou, True4U
    Master in the House (guest) 2017 SBS
    The Show (MC) 2018-19 SBS
    Idol League 2018
    Idol Room (guest) 2019 JTBC
    Hello Counselor (guest) 2019 KBS
    Battle Trip (guest) 2019 KBS
    How to Hate You (actor: Han Dae Kang) 2019 JTBC
    Idol Battlegrounds 2020 Olleh
    Idol Variety Corps Camp 2020 Seezn
    2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships (member) 2020 MBC
    NCT Life: DREAM in Wonderland 2020 Seezn
    NCT World 2.0 2020 Mnet
    7Illin' in the Dream 2021 YouTube
    Idol vs Idol 2021 KNTV Japan
    Boys' Mental Training Camp 2021 Waave

    X. Trivia

    - Jaemin is known by his fellow group mates and fans as Nana.

    - His favorite drink is coffee.

    - Jaemin doesn't have siblings.

    - He plays the piano.

    - He can't eat dairy products and always refuses to do so.

    - His mother forced him to drink milk all the time as a child.

    - He likes doing volunteering work.

    - His favorite fruit is the peach.

    - His bucket list includes raising a Samoyed.

    - Jaemin is good at cooking.

    - He currently shares a room with Jisung.

    - Jaemin and Jeno entered SM on the exact same day.

    - His fans are called nanadoongies.

    - While he was in school, his dream was to become a doctor (surgeon).

    - SM released a video using the audio from NCT's MAMA performance that captures the journey of the members through their career.

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