• Stage Name: Jaejun

    Birth Name: Lee Jaejun

    Group: T.A.N and JT&MARCUS

    Position: –

    Birthday: September 25, 1997

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    II. Career

    He is one half of the duo JT&MARCUS and a member of the project group T.A.N , and a former member of the boy groups TREI and C-CLOWN.

    On August 12, 2021, he was introduced as the 31st contestant of the survival show Wild Idol.

    During the show's finale, he was revealed to have ranked 5th overall, thus making him a member of T.A.N.

    III. Jaejun Facts

    – His birthplace is Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

    – Specialty: acrobatics

    – He was a contestant on MixNine where he was eliminated in the final episode

    – He has 2 sisters.

    – He trained for 9 years

    – During his period as a trainee he’d take the bus for 3 hours from his hometown to Seoul every day

    – He releases songs and dance videos at DIPBLU on YouTube

    – He has a clothing brand called ONIII

    – Shortly before TREI’s disbandment he had to work part-time to pay for the group’s living expenses

    – A nickname he wants his fans to call him is 흑돌 (dark-skin idol)

    – His favorite color is black

    – His charm is his dark skin

    – His bucket list is to release self-written and self-composed music

    – His goal is to be loved by fans

    – The nickname he would give his fans is 둥이들 (translation unclear)

    – He memorizes choreography by repeating it until he remembers

    – The music genre he wants to try or is interested in is Moombahton

    – His favorite season is winter because he likes the temperature and humidity

    – His favorite snack is grilled pork belly

    – He has a habit of organizing his thoughts before going to sleep

    – He wants to learn to play the drums