• NCT Dream's Jeno is a gentle soul in his first ever solo pictorial for  'Grazia' | allkpop

    Jeno or Lee Jeno was born in Incheon, SK on 04/23/00.

    He has an older sister.

    He acted in multiple cfs as a child

    He is lead dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist, and visual in NCT Dream.

    He wrote lyrics for the song "Dear Dream" and the album "We boom"

    He was scouted by SM

    He is called the nojam ( no fun ) person of NCT Dream

    (He is actually kind of funny sometimes tho)


    He is allergic to cats but he has three cats named Seol, Nal and bongsik.

    He apparently only crys when he is angry

    He likes riding bikes

    He likes working out

    He has his own room in the dorm