The NCT Show

  • I. Introduction

    The NCT Show, also called The NCT Show in the NCT Universe, is the umbrella for an assortment of monthly NCT videos on YouTube, including short videos featuring a mix of members and ongoing series hosted by a member or involving a specific theme.

    II. Overview

    The group structure of NCT is unique among K-Pop groups due to the fact that the concept of NCT is an ever expanding group with "unlimited" members and it is comprised of several individual subunits.

    Currently there are 23 members in NCT, making up four individual subunits. The sub-units combine to create an all-unit project in select years that features all NCT members, debuts new ones, releases albums and appears on TV shows, web and social content.

    As part of the NCT 2021 Universe event, NCT launched an ongoing monthly suite of shows in February 2022 that combined members across units under the umbrella The NCT Show. It was also announced that there would be a special season of SM Station, SM's digital music project, focused around NCT members, which is a recurring theme of the shows.

    Each month there is one week-long episode that consists of multiple shows, including are two regular series and an assortment of rotating spoof shows, silly content or games for a week's worth of social content that is also supported with shorts and TikToks.

    Content is usually launched around mid-month and episodes are sometimes much longer than usual NCT content, although the average is 15-30 minutes.

    The two consistent shows are:

    • NCT News - a monthly wrap-up hosted by two members in a format like a real news show, with appearance from other members around mini segments, like cooking tips, skincare tips or other content
    • Music Space - a music-focused show around members' solo activities, including live performances.

    Recurring shows are:

    Additional shows are in the chart below but seemed to be one-off episodes.

    Like other NCT content, this show references ongoing themes and jokes, even including the names and content of the shows.

    For example, A Cup of Coffee was a segment within an existing series that became very popular with the fandom, complete with its own long-running jokes outside the episodes. It was brought back in The NCT Show as its own show with many of the original members.

    As another example, the March NCT News segment references the fandom favorite NCT Resonance show Welcome Sun & Moon in its title and throughout the episode with hosts Taeil (Moon) and Haechan (Sun).

    III. Episode List

    Episodes are announced with a week's worth of shows, including the recurring NCT News and Music Space, as well as new shows and features. Episodes are between 15-45 minutes long and posted to the NCT YouTube channel.

    IIII. Shows and Episodes Under The NCT Show Umbrella

    IV. Episode Links

    V. Trivia

    Many familiar and popular memes or references within the fandom appear in the The NCT Show series.