Knowing Brothers

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    A talk show set in a classroom of a Brother School in which celebrity guests appear as transfer students where seven mischievous brother students wait for them. They get enrolled after showing their hidden talents and getting a pass for it from the brother students.

    There are at various segments in these shows, some of which are permanent, which have defined the Brother School format. The permanent formats are given below :

    Entrance Application – a segment where a cast member (typically Lee Soo-Geun) reads the application forms the guests filled beforehand and other cast members comment on them. A highlight of this segment is the guests' preference for which cast members they would like or would not like to sit next to. The guests typically show their strengths and/or weaknesses through this segment.

    Guess About Me – a segment where the guests have prepared several questions related to themselves. Some of the questions are vague or extremely private and concern something the guests have never revealed to the public.