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  • AGHHHHH jeonghan looks so amazing in ur pfp!!! im a new carat but jeonghan is alr my ult lmaooooo

  • BRUH Jeonghan is looking so handsome glad we share one svt ult :jennie5::jisoo7:

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  • Can’t get over how good Jeonghan looks in your custom badge :love:

    • thanks haha pinky made it so well!!!...i knew i had to have red hair jeonghan!!!

    • It’s pretty! :orange-heart:

      Red haired Jeonghan is my favourite Jeonghan. Sometimes blonde Jeonghan tries to bias wreck me but something about the red hair just looks right lol.

    • Btw we need to update the carat tag-list. Over half the users on it are barely active.

      As the biggest Carat on the forum I wondered if you wanted to do it. Otherwise I can

    • red hair jeonghan is *chef kiss*

      right, i miss all the carats here ;( ngl i've never done a taglist nor joined one before, i'll really appreciate it if you could when you're not busy!!! :lovec:

    • Oki I'll create a thread later. Hopefully we find some new active Carats :cheersc:


  • Allkill! :eyes:

    • i did it for the custom badge haha it's only for a month tho

      but i just realised allkill is a montly subscription thing so i needa cancel my subsequent subscriptions or i'll get charged 5 usd every month lol, i contacted johnny so hopefully he'll be able to sort it out

    • ahhh for winter akp wonderland?

      lol, hopefully

      also how have you been???

    • yep!!

      not bad, yesterday was the official last day of school for this year, before the new semester starts in jan next year. the school planned events at the beach and a performance in the evening, pretty lit haha and of course i was the photographer, but it was fun this time bc i could get pass the barriers and take really up close shots


    • ooo do you already have an idea for the custom badge?

      waa that's nice so it's like a christmas break for you now??

      pretty good, just chillin today because i have no exams today!! will have one on monday tho :-(

    • yep, its definitely going to be jeonghan but i havent decided which video to use hehe

      its more of a december break, it was suppose to start in early nov but well it got dragged on and all

      omg atb for exams!!!

  • Just passing by because I heard someone great owns this AKP profile. Such a nice person as yourself must have a nice day. Every single day...I hope you're doing great!

  • Hii Carrot! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • hilaryyyyy!!!i went to svt's concert last thursday!!it was great!!


      What was your fav performance?

    • definitely aju nice encore!!!

      the thing is i dont rmb much from the concert lmaoo but i remember i had a really fun time

    • Very Nice! (get it? :eyebrowsr:)

      also does every concerts have fanchants? it does, right? or not?

      lmaoo but it's great that you enjoyed it, enhypen is coming to my country too for a fanmeet on dec and a concert on feb but it's far away from my place :angryr:

      svt came here too but it's always manila or luzon, it's sad :waterr:

    • yes haha very nice indeed, and yes i think there are fanchants haha

      oh no im hope u get to see them one day!! sg's really small, although the stadium is kinda far

      im so broke rn lmao after that concert ticket

  • Can't believe I didn't follow you already 😪

  • I've been meaning to ask you this but keep forgetting. What do you think abt _WORLD?

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    • it's not bad but i think i liked hot better!!

    • ohh, I think I like them both 2.0

      anyways how have you been?

    • school's getting more hectic with schoolwork+all the extra classes since exams are near, but i managed to get tickets to svt's concert here so ig this week was not bad


    • ohh, you got tickets? so when will it happen? they will have a concert here in PH too but I can't go since it's really far away from my place.

      good, we didn't have classes today bcs of the school's schedule and I ate a donut

    • yep on the 13th of october!!!it's one of the things keeping me going, studying has never been harder phewww

      gfy!!ooo donut sounds good i havent had one in a long time

  • :pepe-beg:

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

  • Karat because you're golden :)

  • Thanks for the follow. I should have followed you sooner, considering how awesome you are, but I always forget who I have followed and who I'm not following. I really should check more often.

    • same here lol, i thought i followed you alr but oh well :lover3: better late than never ig:)

  • I realized I haven't followed you yet! Followed!
    Btw, who is your bias in SVT?

  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me?

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    • for :pepe_akorns: haha thanks again

    • no problems my friend so as I ask of everybody tell me something about yourself my friend?

    • firstly, it's obvious but i'm a big fan of seventeen and i sleep a lot, like 12 hours a day

    • wow...have you always been that way? the sleeping??

      like if you get less than 12 does like your body not function? lol did you get into 17?

    • ye since young i had the habit of sleeping till i naturally woke up, which turned out to be pretty late. if i sleep less than 12, with some caffeine, i can still carry on my day pretty smoothly haha but i try to compensate for the sleep during weekends

      i got into svt when i saw their hit mv on my yt algorithm the day it came out, i liked the song so much, i slowly got into them(took 2 months just to get all their names and faces correct lol)

      hbu? could you share maybe a tmi of yourself

  • I love your dp :waterr:

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  • What should I know about Seventeen? I'm obsessed with Ready to Love!

    • hello!!i love ready to love too hehe

      firstly, they have 13 members, 3 units(vocal unit, performance unit and hip hop unit, basically their vocal, dance, rap line respectively), so 13 members+3 units+1 team=seventeen, this is the official meaning behind their name (but actually the original plan was to debut a 17 member team but it just didn't work out lol)

      i find this thread quite helpful, also i found memorizing the members by unit (slowly) a lot easier!!

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    • These are the other songs I know:


      Don't Wanna Cry

      Let me hear you say


      Snap Shoot


      Lilili Yabbay

      Getting Closer



      Thinkin' about you
      Oh My!

      What's Good


      I love these songs but I wanna know them as performers and artists thanks for the guide! Whos your bias, singer and rapper?

    • my bias is Jeonghan, my favourite vocalist is DK(i absolutely love his tone), rapper is Vernon(i like how he has his own style and his rap flow is really good)

      svt as performers and artists(personally also my favourite aspect about them), i think watching their stages is the best way to get to know them in that aspect, especially those full shot fancams that music shows release. they also release behind the scenes episode of their album preparation process on youtube, i feel that it shows a lot on their artistry also

    • For the longest time I used to think Seventeen was under JYP Idky until I found out they were part of Hybe.

    • jyp??lol when i first got into them, i thought they were from sm

  • Akorns juseyo!!!

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  • Please tell me why I wasn’t following you? 😭

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  • It is Carrot 🥕