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  • Love this so much :cutes:

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  • Wow this is really detailed, thanks! :)

  • This looks amazing!!!! It is also very informative. You did a really good job here. Congratulations and Thank you so much....:borahae:

  • Looks so pretty. You did an amazing job.

  • You did amazing, it's so great! :borahae::borahae:

  • This is amazing! Thanks for your hard work <3

  • Thanks @fortuna:froghype:

    This is so amazing :pepelove1:

  • Thanks for creating this!

    Making a quick edit to the headlines, so that it creates a Table of Contents.

    FYI, if you use the "H" button (Headline) in the editor to format the headings, it will automatically generate a TOC.

    EDIT: Not sure if you didn't want the TOC and headlines because it makes the headings left justified. Will leave for now.

    • oh okay thanks for sharing! I will create the TOC myself then

    • ohhh the TOC is already automatically created, if you look at the right column!

      also roman numerals are auto-generated when using the "headline" formatting.

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    • OK


      I will fix

      after some sleep


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  • Jungkook’s picture isn’t loading for me

  • Omg this is so pretty :omgr:

  • This is amazing. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this. :borahae:

  • This looks so good omg

  • Hey great work.. I just want to mention that bangtan gayo and bon voyage is missing. I hope I didn't sound rude.

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    • not at all

      I will add

      thanks! :borahae:

  • This is so organized and pretty :borahae:

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  • wow amazing!

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  • Wow I like this so much! Thank you @fortuna

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  • this is amazing!

    Idk if this helps at all but figured I'd share... It's got like everything under the sun.…Cxi-BtE/edit?usp=drivesdk

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  • i love this :borahae: their discography is something else!

    Thank you a bunch @fortuna .

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    • Yes, it is a lot too ^^

      and no problem !

      thank you for giving feedback! :borahae:

  • You forgot to add WINGS in full length albums category. The most legendary era of BTS.

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    • added,

      thanks! :borahae:

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    • I didn't see that anyone could edit it. Lol :-P

      Btw you did a good job here. Very informative for those who want to know more about BTS.

    • What a treasure!! This is a labour of love.. thank you fortuna :borahae: