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  • :cheersc::cheersc:

  • why you mad? :mad:

  • Omg can I just say that your cover/header is so adorable!!

    Wasn’t that written by Seokjin?

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  • o com on com on you kno am not afraid you kno 👀🤏👉

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  • your header is so cute, jin is so sweet :cryingk:

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    • Thank you.. yeah I know, that’s why he’s my bias :love:

      Are you a MOA and a Blink who likes Taehyung?

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    • :yesr:

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  • why u bully me :?: what did i say wrong :?:;(:cursing:

    • You know what you said. I’m just educating :whatb:

    • at first i don't know what is kworb , i don't know whether it's official or not

      i have seen it used among kpop fans to track some stats

      then in the other thread one ARMY has said kworb isn't inaccurate since the apple music doesn't release the necessary data

      second, i don't know OP is troll, seen his/her username and though someone who posts about data & stats. Said him/her that ARMY has said kworb is inaccurate

      what is wrong in this :?:

    • It sounded shady and another user confirmed it with a shade.

      There was also another thread where a user was defending kworb’s Spotify data while not believing in the actual source which is Spotify (which if you have Spotify, you can check the stream numbers under the song). The numbers of kworb and official accounts usually don’t tally (maybe kworb updates at a certain amount of time), and that’s why some say it’s not accurate. I’m not familiar with Apple Music so I don’t want to comment on AM.

      If you were not being shady, I apologise.

    • i have been on that another thread i think it was myaza who has explained kworb's calculations but i didn't understand fully but i got idea that kworb is inaccurate

      the another user, she/he has understood that my reply was like shading i don't understand how she/he understood it like that, but i didn't reply her/him since he/she has understood me wrong

    • If that’s the case, I’m sorry for calling you out. I was surprised because I always like the way you post (not shady and straightforward), so that’s why I tagged you. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Sorry again

  • your header on your profile made me sad :cursing:

    • Yeah, me too. It was such a sweet gesture though, and I want everyone to know :love:

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  • Stan bp :cursing:

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  • gosh i remember u from akp

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    • Hey! I remember you too. Did you just join in the new akp? Haven’t seen your comments for a while

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    • i was there, then i wasnt, and now im back :>

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    • Welcome back!

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  • apa khabar fellow malaysian

    take care during MCO

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    • Masih ok setakat nie.. why you make me cry with Negaraku? Ahh tanah airku..

      Thanks for the hello and you take care too