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  • Whenever I read your username I think it says Lavely and that you stan Ladies Code

  • Can you do me a quick teeny tiny favor? :whatr:

  • Our queen looks beautiful in our profile pics!

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  • Hey, your sig is not showing up for me for some reason, thought I should tell you, though maybe it's just me and it's showing fine for others.

    • no I didnt do it right, ill fix it at some point lol

  • Follow me back wow

  • Hello, sadsavely! So, I heard that are mad at my brother, @PeachPig. Can you explain why, please?

  • :pepelove1:

  • I looked mean TT Am still sorry

    • i think the guild mod is clearing threads so they'll probably just remove your post but editing it couldn't hurt? With all the stuff thats been happening i doubt anyone paid alot of attention to your post. Alot of armys are getting banned

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    • I edited it but yeah it was deleted right after. I don't mean to be insensitive and was totally clueless, I swear :( It seems like a clusterfuck but I want you to know my intentions

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    • thanks for telling me, even tho i didn't think you ment anything bad in the first place :)

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  • why are you from twiceland aren't you suppost to be in our guild?

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    • Twiceland isn't the name of the Twice guild, and it's just what i choose to put there since Twice are my ult gg

    • oh kk

  • Yo yo

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    • hi hi!! Ngl I'm kinda sad you changed your name cause angelofdarkness was nice

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    • Lol I lost my account password but it is ok

    • oof that sucks, that was my concern after the revamp cause i never remember my passwords

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    • I do but somehow it did not so I made a new one otherwise are you still a carat?

    • yes!!! I have alot of favs so I'm often not as loud about a specific group until comeback times, plus I've been spending less time on akp recently cause my life's been busy

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  • I always wonder how you pronounce your nick!

    • most people just call me sad/sav ^^ i don't mind either way just don't call me a clown (even tho i am one lmao)

    • well but that does not answer my question :p

      lol.. I will try to refrain from calling you a clown :eyes:

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    • Lol i just prounounce it as sad savely, i was thinking of changing my name but decided to leave it as is for now

    • oh.. I think I get it now ^^

      Can we change names here?

    • i saw some people doing it at the start ifnthe revamp but idk if it was something you could only do then or you can so it anytime. Are you wanting to change you name? Peachpig is so cute :love::love:

  • Heyyo 👋

    • Hi Hi!! How do you like the new forum?

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    • Pretty good eve tho i don't really like the new layout tbh. I change the style to night mode and it looks okay. And I'm still get used to the forum.

    • How about you?

    • I'm so sad i lost all my badges ;(;( tho i think this new layout is easier to use then the other one.

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    • Me too 😭, I need to get like thousands akorns to get all SVT members badges

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  • HI! <3

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