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  • :pepe-sad:

  • wait wtf happened

    • also lookit them akorns tho

      and badges too


    • man I sound like such a gold digger lmao

    • but honestly though 4,000 akorns I can build a house with that amount

  • Whaat the F???


  • ?????

  • Where did you goxUOvlxP.gif

  • What happened????? Nauuuur I’m so confused :pepe-sad:



  • how you gonna get banned without even giving me your badges dude :cryingr:

    Sad 1
  • Peach?!

  • Why are you banned??😢

  • oh god why did you get banned now?


  • You're a stupid shit, WHAT did you do

  • I’ll miss you! :sadr: Thank you for being so welcoming to me after I first joined!

    Sad 1
  • idk what happened, but I'll miss you bro :pleading:;(

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  • f's in the chat 2x2xpepefeelsbaddestman.png

    Sad 1

    THIS PERSON IS CUTER!!30868-4c1382a2b5d7d7d218d3fec619b6da62e0a45b10.webp

  • wow u change ur pfp :itzy44: and yeji looks so pretty :itzy21:

    • hehe :pepeflushed:

      thank you my dear :pepelove1:

      I saw the pic on IG today and was in love :danceb:

    • hey sweet marmalade :pepelove1:

      what you follow me? :pepeflushed:

    • I like you so why not :cutes:

      I‘m a shy person so don‘t be confused. I really like you :pepelove1:

    • awww thats so cute :omgr:

      I like you too, you are always so sweet :lover4:

      I'm always happy to talk if you want :pepeflushed:

    • :pinky-salute: I'm too. Most important question - How are you? :lover3:

    • aww <3

      I'm fine, how are you doing?

  • Hey brother <3

    • Hey Rosie :pepeflushed:

    • how are you doing?

      It's been a while!!

    • hey, I'm fine. how about you?

      how are your experiments going? :eyes:

    • I'm good and resting for this week-end.

      My experiments failed like Jayce in Arcane. ;(

    • O.O resting is nice, doing the same rn

      I have not watched Arcane yet :pepe-peek:


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  • Have you seen Babe

    • I see a babe right here :*

      but yeah ofc! I think the movie was like mega hype when I was a kid

    • why did you ask now? :melon_think:

    • I guess we'll never know

  • so tell me something about yourself my friend which I don't already know selfMADE!!!

    • it seems he's not responding...

    • maybe we can have a conversation on his wall and he'll have to respond

    • there's wall conversations and selfmate's wall conversations

      i don't feel i've accomplished what i set out to accomplish unless it gets to min 20 posts

    • I find that it takes at least that amount to get to know a person...

      pity SOMEONE isn't responding!!!!

    • why lurk and instead just have a conversation with them?

  • Why are you :wow:-ing me :pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

  • Can you help me with something quick? :shyr:

  • peach do you use light or dark mode?

  • lisa's a cutie pie in your profile pic!

    Love 1
  • Hi PeachPig,

    Yesterday Pikachu-Senpai told me you might be looking to buy a Lalisa LE badge? :whatb:

    • hi kooxy,

      tbh I just wrote in the thread for fun and did not really intend to buy one, but people kept tagging me nonestop :danceb:

      well but eh, which version do you have and how much do you want to sell it for?

    • Ohh oops :cryingr:

      I only have the visual version, I'll take 120 akorns or so if you do want it.

    • are you serious? I would buy it for 120 Akorns if you really want to sell

    • I'm just trying to get to 6k akorns without having to post so much LOL

      plus I don't know what to do with badge anyways.

    • okay I'll definitly take it, what do we have to do? I think we need to involve Ves

  • i will not post in that thread regardless of how much i want to 2x

    • looooooooooooooool, Absi is like Freddy Kruger, she gets us when we are weakest :cryingr:

    • :pepe-clown-gear:


    • what lol... did you only know realise how you clowned yourself?

    • no but I forgot I left evidence in your user wall :cryingr: