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  • <3

  • kat please live mother

    fact bomb : kitkats are the best, kaikats even better

  • Your new Juyeon DP is hot wifey


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  • I loveeee the dp... that's Juyeon right? :lover4:

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    • yeah its is juyeon..

      Thank you, I love this gif so much I put it as my dp at regular intervals XD


    • As you should, he looks amazing I couldn't stop watching it :pepe-peek:

  • Oh shoot.... I didn't know....

    Happy Birthday Kitkat :pepelove2:

    • that's fine Daniel, Thank you :iloveyoub::danceb:

  • Happy birthday! ..you have the same birthday as my sister :melon_think:

  • happy birthday :pinky-celebrate:

  • I'm a bit late but Happy Diwali~
    (Albeit my extended family were more interested in the festival that came after :pepe-life-support: )

    • Thanks Mortie and Happy Diwali uwu

      hope you had a great one! mine was very tiring T_T but fun ><


    • Happy Diwali Nitya!!! I hope you can have as much kheer as you want today ;)

  • 2x

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    • awww my baby...I slept early yesterday :')

    • I think I slept at 1am ;(;(

    • i slept a little earlier than that around 12 I guess .... Anyways happy Diwali UwU

      I wish i was there with you to stuff you with sweets :pepefrog:

    • happy diwali kat :froghype:

      ohh I love sweets :pepecute::pepecute:

    • uwu I am controlling myself today cause I recently started going to gym T_T

  • I see ur interested in some Chemistry lessons? Btw u and me? :pepe-notes::pepe-flirt:

    • yes teach me about all them organic bonds :pepe-notes::pepe-flirt:

    • sh*t...u outdid me...

      First....I want to carbon date u :pepe-flirt:

      Then...Ill take u home and we can form a covalent bond :pepe-devil:

    • oh so we are going the covalent route... I heard ionic bonds are stronger though :pepegrin:

    • let's try some hydrogen bonds then babe :pepe-flirt::pepe-smug:

    • omg that's stronger than a marriage..

      its like dropping hydrogen bombs on our current partners :pepe-cross::pepe-flirt:

  • :pepe-flirt::pepelove2::pepelove1:

  • I'm listening to this song

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    and scrolling down insta posts and singing to my wall silently lol

    • omg your taste>>>>

      I am still watching swf and being sad seeing two good teams get eliminated T_T

      I am also craving some butter maggi

    • Oh who TT

      I really love prowdmon and ygx

      ohh I ate maggi yesterday :3

      I'm so worried about exams but they're saying it's gonna be easy

      I'm just not confident enough ig TT

  • Love love LOOOOOVE your sig ♥

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    • ayyyee thank you :pepelove1:

      I love your dp too :froghype:

    • Random but I think I know you from another forum (I have a different username)

    • owo which one? gimme a hint!

    • finishes with Central.

      I was Faelix

    • omg I has no idea.. I remember we talked before :pepelove1:

  • Lel, Kitkat, your activity here is insane. :eyes:

    University not being a pain nowadays? :merongk:

    It's good to see you well by the way~

    • mortyyyyyyy yes uwu I finally got a job placement!!!!

      I missed you so much!! I thought you started to hate me :pepe-sad:

    • Oh wow, that's wonderful to hear! Seeing how you were stuck in an existential crisis in our DM's, it's funny (in a delightful way) how you landed a job so fast. Have you started yet? :c

      Well, I didn't hate anyone, I was just a *bit* distant at the time. :shyy:  

      It's good to see you again, I mean it. ^^

    • Omg same.. I wqas facing issues but I somehow landed one.. I start this January, so right now I dont really have much to do.. I just sleep, go out, watch netflix and relax mostly...

      Yeah I know, you left that chat and I thought what happened.. but you seemed down so I didnt really know what to do...

      same, I missed you my lil bro :pepe-sad:

    • Lel, somehow? You sound overjoyed, the placement must be nice, no? Ah, free free free, you deserve it after all that stress lel; Zen mode activated. :")
      You guys are allowed to go out much? It's not like we're on lockdown either so I go out quite a bit these days and it's like escaping a zoo where I was held captive. :cryingk:

      'Tis was real life being a jerk mostly, including University, it made me so anxious at the time that I didn't want to be negative so I suppressed instead, and hence the "distant" words. ^^


      You're in the EXO-L guild by the way? I see it's still active. :c

    • uwu well its a pretty good job tbh, I wasnt expecting to get such a good one... I will be shifting to Bangalore for it soon as well...

      well yeah some of my friends from abroad are back for a while so I am catching up and having some fun..

      I get that, I hope you are feeling better now looking at how you are back!

      And yes Exo-l guild is the biggest guild around here and the most active one actually.. you should drop by, a lot of old Ls are still active here

  • thanks for the follow backc :))


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    • Omg sure :bg5::bg5:

      you can call me kat! :ak_jin-blow-kiss:

    • you can call me zuzu!

    • uwu zuzu is such a cute name :pepeflushed::mooning:

    • thank youu

      its a childhood nickname that a lot of my friends call me. :borahae:

    • its adorable :pepeflushed::pepeflushed::pepeflushed:

      btw you can also call me kitkat :peperun: half people call me kitkat uwu

  • Give akorns cuz your rich rich and im poor poor :TXT20:

    Sad 1
    • :sehun3:

      I have been collecting them for tbz custom badge... sorry but we are a poor and nugu fandom on akp :bg1::pepe-sad:

    • custom badges aren’t for sale anymore :fingerk:

    • yeah but we will get it for our recent comeback if we try hard :suhobig:

    • oh

      See ya then

      Good luck

    • :sana1:

  • hello from an old friend 💜

    Hope you been well!

    • omg hi did you perhaps had a username change? I am sorry I have memory of a fish...

      also how have you been? I have been pretty good uwu

    • lol it's okay, it's not you! I am on an entirely new account now since I wanted to start fresh even if I'm not all that active anymore. I'mma be vague here about who I am but I'd happily tell you privately!

      I've been ok! Just busy a lot rip.

    • omg dm me uwu

      yeah same life has been pretty busy for me as well :pepe-sad:

  • maybe I should stop spamming

    but yea regina's mom is cringe lmao :suhobig:

    LOL 1
    • Lmaooo its hard to stop

      I would have to sleep to let go of this gof atleast :suhobig:

    • gif* kjsdhkjs :suhobig::suho5:

    • me too lol, why is it so addictive :suhobig:

      btw I fought requested it and ripia avoided it :suhobig:

      omg I read okee proposing to you :blushing:

    • lmaoo well done, thsi was needed,,,

      also lmao yeah I was so surprised but he is cute uwu :suhobig::xiumin2:  :kai1:

    • :suhobig::kai1::suhobig:

  • :ak_jin-blow-kiss:

    Marry me<

    • all of a sudden :pepe-flirt:

    • It’s been on my mind for a little while. We would make a great AKP couple tbh. The common taste is too immaculate for me to not slide.


    • but I heard akp marriage takes akorns :pepe-cross:

      do they?

    • :pepewash:

      They might, but if needed I’ll make sure I have enough.

      Would you be down in taking my lovely hand of engagement?


    • sure! as soon as the tbz badge thing is done, we can... since this may take up some akorns

  • why you mad?! :whatb:

    • no reason :pepe-tongue:

    • .....

      *Capybara pours Lousiana hot sauce on Pepe's tongue*

    • capybara wantrs pepe dead? :pepewash:

    • not at all! In fact, there may be a rodent/ Pepe alliance coming soon... :eyebrowsr:

    • will be waiting, make sure to tag me!

  • Violent! :mad:

    Angry 1
  • I had notifications turned off tell me which thread I might have missed it :pepe-sad:

    I turned on notifications again now :pepepizza:

    • omg so many in the past few days.. the one with exo guild event and my recent where I was joking around T_T

    • I will stalk your profile BRB

  • I wasn't following you.. :cryingk:

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    • thats fine.. I have too many friends I forget to follow :pepe-sad:

    • I never forget..usually :pepecute:

    • awww its fine uwu

      just handover Jae to me and I will forget :pepepizza:

    • no! Jae is mine! :peperun:

    • nooo :pepe-cut::pepecute:

  • :pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza:

    • I want pizza :pepecute:

    • Get a ksoo aesthetic for the cb :eyes:

    • Yeah I should I guess later today I will decide on a dp T_T

  • Is this my fave kitkat? :cutes:

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    • Literally where were you lmaoooo

    • I went awol for a few months, now I’m back. :D

      How are you? When did u came back?

    • I came back during the Exo comeback T_T

      I missed comebacks with exotics >_<


    Love 2
    • its only for the event uwu I plan to change after a week to a tbz member but I am liking this one a lot rn

    • it looks awesome :eyes:

    • Just like your new aesthetic :pepelove1:

    • aww thank you! I had to go back to my original color here of pink when the new Taeyeon MV hit :ak_hanuelheart:

    • Pink really suits you a lot though~~

      I liked the blue one too you had before

  • I appreciate your comment defending allkpop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Its not their fault this time tbh

  • I found the recipe your future husband would love

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    Wow 1
    • Omg you are an angel icy.. you should be our number 1 shipper :peperich::peperich::pepelove1:

    • What you mean should? I already am


    • Omg I hope your day goes great icy :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2:

    • My day will be even better when Even Of Day MV is released later


      Can't wait for my album too

    • omg but the MV looks so sad :peperain:

  • Litten gif by CatCamellia on DeviantArt

    me waddling to come bring you pokemon gifs

    LOL 1