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  • Litten gif by CatCamellia on DeviantArt

    me waddling to come bring you pokemon gifs

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  • :pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza::pepepizza:

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    • are you giving me that pizza or not?

  • :lover3:

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    • Lmafao what is this username? upgraded version of hoeseulgi?

      OMG its been long I had no clue you were here lmao

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    • My brain just randomly pick a word and I slap it with my og un lmaoo.

      Well just wondering around, I miss interacting with ma akp friends :shyr:

      Anyway Im so glad to see ur still here uwu

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    • I just came for the exo comeback though T_T

      probably wont be here for long.. I have a lot of work lined up in next few weeks T_T

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    • It's okie. I'm not sure too when will I be dead again (probably soon).

      Good luck with those works. You'll finish those flawlessly. Im sure :lover4:

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    • thanks T_T

      its nice to see you around cause most of them left

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  • thank you for the follow but why me though?

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    • I dont really need a reason to follow lmao, I used to follow around 300 people before reform XD

    • nice...I only joined post revamp so i didn't know you before :-)

      so as i ask of everyone tell me something about yourself my friend?

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    • oh, ummm

      you are putting me on the spot but well I am an exo-l , reveluv and deobi

      I also love garlics

    • sorry it's my standard line for when I follow people or people follow me lol

      garlic??? interesting...can you eat raw garlic?

      interesting not an usual assortment of groups one would find amongst a kpop fan...


    So sorry , took me long enough to finally realize that ur back , im not that active on this forum anymore :')

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    • awww I replied to you as well back on the thread of tbz you made yesterday.. that's quiet alright lub!

      I was not active for months so I can understand~~`

      I am only here for the exo comeback though ><

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    • how are you btw ? Hope everything is fine and going well . Take care and stay safe & healthy ! :merongk:

    • I have been good.. hope you are taking care of yourself too lub <3

  • welcome!! I briefly remember u i think

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    • lmao if it isnt ripia! your dream of being the mod is now a reality! I am glad

      how have you been?

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    • oh so it is you, i just remember some user with some k's in their username and thought that might be you.

      Hey, it's okay, as you can see everything is a bit different but we've worked very hard on working up to a lot of things and features, like the gallery, lexicon akorn shop etc.

      I'm actually the mod with the longest modding experience, so the senior mod lmao, quite a turn around isnt it 8)

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    • wbu? didnt know you stanned exo :O

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    • lmao thats great, I remember I left my position just before reforms...

      and you don't remember me being an L because I was always busy shouting about The boyz and spamming there everywhere...

      I miss your funny days though looks like you toned down a bit...

      who would have imagined lol but congrats on being the senior mod :pepelove1:

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    • i see u joined the exo guild :o

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  • :omgr:

    • oh my god there were people on my wall missing me ksajghdjashk

      capybara how have you been?

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    • I've been fine. Just killing time here, being a rodent lol. Where have you been?!

    • lmao I got busy with life I hate adulting :pepe-cut::pepe-cut:

      send me money so I can come here without having to worry about it

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    • You truly are the most violent kit kat! :omgr:

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    • ofc no one can question that :groovins:

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  • Miss ya

    • omg mortis, I miss you too T_T

  • hello ... where are you :/

    • where are you my lub?

      I missed you T_T

  • hi :flushed:

    • I am so sorry I just saw this T_T

      how have you been?

  • where have you been ^^^^:/

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    • UwU I have been busy and I dont really feel like coming back here uwu.. do you have a discord? we should interact there ><

  • Kitkat :(

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  • 00034000002467-0010.png

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  • hi fellow deobis

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    • UwU that Juyeon dp though..

      I will need some more time to make a new aesthetic ><