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  • Me blasting out of hiding to wish you a good day like:


  • Hey Danny :coming-bee:

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

  • With that body, There will be so many people lining up to suck the soul out of you.

    • BTW,

      What's up? It's been long time since we last interacted.

    • For sure haha been busy sucking souls. I think of you sometimes sorry not sorry haha It made me laugh so hard when you first told me about that still does I'm gonna use that line on someone one day when I work up the courage :D

      How have you been? ^^

    • I'm fine.

      And trust me,

      That line won't work :pepe-peek::pepe-back-away:

    • When you said your jaw dropped to the floor after that I took it in a good way lmao good thing you clarified that misunderstanding hahaha

    • Jaw dropping = Shocked beyond words. Embarrassed for the rest of my life :pepe-peek:

  • HEY OLD MAN, GIMME SOME AKORNS! :excited-bee:

  • akorns plez :pepe-beg:

  • Can I have some akorns? Also is your real name Daniel Cruz?

    • Pen-name. People usually call me Daniel or Dan irl.

      Also, Sure.

    • Oh pen-name, I thought it was your real name, if it was, I thought you were a Filipino...

      Thanks Daniel!

  • Omg, what? Thank you so much for the akorns! But, what’s the occasion? I did nothing to deserve such kindness, or was that by mistake?


  • :pepelove1:

  • hi tom cruise, gimme 5 akorns.

  • Daniel, I spent most of my teens working my way through all of those ‘100 books to read before you die’ lists, so I’ve read a LOT of famous books… I have been meaning to reread Dune since the film came out though. If you ever have any recs, chuck ‘em my way. I’m getting back into reading more regularly now and generally smash through a standard sized book in about 2 1/2 hours so am always on the lookout! ^^

    • Woah... You're blazing fast.

    • Mono is a GORGEOUS book by the way. Looking forward to the album even more now.

  • Another Arrival enthusiast? :pleading:

  • Donate akorns pls

  • How are you this morning? :pleading:

  • thank you for the follow :lover3:

  • Daniel you're back :claps:

    how are you? :flying:

    • I'm fine...

      BTW, You didn't use your signature Pepe

    • I hope you have a nice day:pepecute:

      oh yeah right :smirks2:


    • Adorable LMAO.....

      Have a nice day...

  • ello. good day. hows the kids. hows the family.

    akorns ples

    • Good day. Don't have. Won't have.

      I have low akorns.

    • ok i take that as a yes

      i is no akrns for bagee. me no have any rn so gimme som

      tank yu

  • Hi Daniel, welcome back~!

  • Hello. Welcome back !<3<3 I hope you're fine now.

  • Welcome back.

    I’m so sorry with the way things turned out, people seriously can be so cruel. I don’t understand how mods don’t realize that this bullying.

    • Yeah, Baffles me too.

      Anyway, How are you doing?

  • Hey, its good to see you back <3

  • Meow :pleading::pleading:

    • That's cute. Hi, Nitro😊.

      How are you doing?

  • Who told you you could leave


    In this drought your threads keep us alive and I like your threads

    • If you have been planning this and think this is the best for you well I respect. AKP is a toxic place. But if it is bc of that thread stop


      That thread was a mistake true. But move on.

  • thank you <3 the show is really good so I am hooked on it <3

  • hi! Thanks for following! <3

  • Thank you for the akorns. :joy:

  • :sehunthinking:

  • what are your thoughts on this song :danceb:

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  • I keep meaning to ask you this

    Who is your bias in exo :pepe-peek:

  • donate…