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  • hey bestie

    • Heyyyy

      Dude it’s been so long since I’ve been on here 💀

    • yeah, you're not missing much tho. I'll keep you up to date. Rn, there's just fanwars happening :sleepyr::cryingr:

    • I just followed you :pepe-excited:

    • Really?! Regarding?

    • Followed back :dancer-pepe:

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    • Hi Hilary, Oh I mean jungwonie lol (Sorry I didn't see this)

    • Lol it's okay, I had a thought what if I join another one and I see you again lmao

    • No lol it's just these three, tho I used to be on Hally*central but that place shut down

    • Lol I see, I joined OH too but it's kinda ded there..

    • These kpop forums seem to be dying down

  • hii

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  • Thanks for the follow!

    And welcome to the guild, I haven't had the chance to say hi yet :pepelove1:

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    • No probs and thanks for the follow back!

      It is no problem at all :pepelove2:

  • You know what, I'll just stop talking about them.

    This place will listen tho

  • Hello BaeksBae :send-love-bunny:

    Thanks for the follow~ <3

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    • Hello :pepelove1:

      No probs, thank you for the follow back :borahae:

  • finally a place where I can run my mouth about Exo and not be ignored

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  • Welcome fellow exol!!! :pepe-excited:

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  • I see you are another member of the baekhyun cult :pepe-wink:

    thanks for the follow!

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    • Yup definetly a member :pepe-hehe:

      No probs!

    • I'm glad to see more bbhls here

      we also have an exo guild, so feel free to check it out if you haven't already :pepelove1:

    • Already checked it out and I'm in love, I've never seen so many Exo-ls in my entire life!

  • Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here! :lover2: :lover2: :lover2:

    I bet you will there’s a lot of exols lol

    Aside from exo, any other groups you like?

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    • Hi, thank you very much!

      lol I definitely will it's a lot more than other forums :claps:

      Ah Nct(all units) Monsta X, Ateez, Enhypen, Everglow, stray kids not all but my mains

    • Ohhh what’s your favourite Ateez album? I haven’t listened to much but I love the album with answer on it!

    • Zero: fever part 1! The one with inception!

      I absolutely adore that song

    • Inception is great! Very good song! I prefer Thanxx however. And though it’s not from the album, I adore Take Me Home, I think it’s one of their best :pepe-singing: :pepe-singing: :pepe-singing:

    • I totally agree, it really is a great song!

      By the way, your name is really great, it's funny you have a Suho layout cause he's the biggest ReVeluv I know lol

  • Thanks for the follow! I appreciate it. You seem like a nice user and I can't wait to get to know you.

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