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  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me?

    • Aussies support aussies :omg14:

    • interesting lol

      so as I ask everyone, tell me something about yourself my friend

    • I like writing and reading. I should be finishing a greek play but I've been procrastinating.

      Now, tell me something about yourself

    • greek play????? huh more info please? lol

      I like reading - read a lot more when I was younger...I like to make up random stories but never bothered to put pen on my stories would more be like kids stories likes Aesop's fable type stories to entertain children (especially my own kid lol) or teach them morals and stuff

      I'm 36 Chinese Australian

    • the greek play is a trilogy about oedipus, a king who murdered his father and left in shame. The two other entriesare about its effects on his family.

      Kids stories can be very intelligent. What type of morals would you put into them?

  • I'm surprise that you don't have the Golden Child border on :whatb:

  • You want a Binnie badge, right? :ak_irenechickendance:

  • Because of you I stayed up until almost 12 when I gotta get up early for work tomorrow T_T ALSO I gotta pee but I've been holding it because I didn't wanna miss anything haha

  • welcome to allkill!

    • Danke! I'm only having it for a month but I can't wait to make the most of it! :pepelove1::pepelove1:

    • Yeah she's already murdering people hashtag ME

  • thanks for follow :pepelove1:

    Love 1
    • No probs! :lover3:

    • Also I want to listen to western music , should I started with Playboi Carti :pepepizza:

    • Really depends on your taste. If you like rap/hip-hop then I would suggest Childish Gambino. Playboi carti is mumble shit honestly.

  • Oh My Girl badge so pretty :lover1:

  • Hiii :rv4:

    Judging by your username... i think it's fair to say you're a Red Velvet fan... right? :eyes:

    • They're within my top 3 girl groups!!!

      Who's your bias?

    • Mine is Yeri :rv12:


      Btw.. what do you think about joining our reveluv guild?? You won't need to contribute anything.. just a place to post about red velvet when you feel like it hehe <3

    • I'm personally ot5, everyone biaswrecks me from one era to another

      And, I've never thought about joining the guild, I'll consider it, thanks!

    • okay!! :lover3:

  • There's no onf badges :pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

    I'm just surprised t1419 somehow has a set

  • hello fuse :blowing-kiss:

    • Sup dude!

    • Nice to meet you, I’m assuming you’re also Minkyun-biased? :eyes:

    • Mk and J-us! Though I usually go with Minkyun for profile pics.

      This also may be a stupid question, but is there an onf guild?

    • Cool! I’m Minkyun and Yuto biased myself but I’ve been bias-wrecked by pretty much everyone at some point :’)

      Last time I checked, there isn’t one but if someone created a guild then I’d love to join it