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  • 🥺Slay today king! You got this! :nct49::miyeon-jumping:

    • thank you :cryingk: i honestly feel like im slowly losing my mind at this place my heads gonna fall off

    • this place = irl place not akp

    • :red-heart::orange-heart::yellow-heart::green-heart::blue-heart::borahae::nct49:

    • another attack

    • i never got this

      i never will

  • woooooooooooooooooo

  • I don't know if it ended already because I don't know your timezone ahaha but HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!!

    Do you still remember when I said you and my dad have the same birthday??? :eyes:

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    • its still my birthday !! thank you so much :pleading::hug-raccoon::red-heart:

      THATS RIGHT !! happy birthday to your dad omg :pleading:

    • yayyy i'm glad i made it on time to wish u happy bdayy!! :yay-bee:

      you're welcomeee :hug-raccoon:

      yes, thank youuuu :omgr:


    Cravity Hug GIF - Cravity Hug Serim GIFs

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    • thank you!!!!!!!!!!! so precious !! :pleading::omg21::omg21::omg21::omg21:

  • im having a hard time existing right now

    closing off

    i do not feel well whatsoever.

    • i will always be stuck just living as a ghost

    • I hope you are feeling better <<3

    • thank you, its so hard right now. but the birthday messages are giving me life :pleading::red-heart:

  • You got games on your phone?

    Hyeongjun Hyeongjun Sniff GIF - Hyeongjun Hyeongjun Sniff Hyeongjun Close GIFs

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  • Hii!! :froghype: How are you doing?

    Also do you have any preferred nicknames? ;judgingpepe:

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    • hello!!!!! 💖 i am okay. how about u???

      i dont tbh u can call me literally anything i have no preference lolz

    • good to know you're okay! <3 i am too, just ate dinner!

      lolz but i can't think of any lmaoo, hmm, let me think.. :melon_think: i can't lol

      cause i was wondering what to call you :/

    • nice!! was it good food ?? lol

      eep haha. a few ppl call me "bey" so that could work :/ :/  :/

    • yes it was chicken!!

      okayyy bey it is!! but if you do think of a nickname you'd like to be called, tell me :pepe-wink: lolz

      do you want to call me any nicknames? ;judgingpepe:

    • slay!! chicken is the best!!

      aight got chu. o7 heheh.

      brooo i am not good at nicknames, i name all my sims after objects and all my pets after food. im not to be trusted :pepe-shame: any nicknames you want me to call u?? lolz

  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me?

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    • cuz you're cool !! :miyeon-finger-guns:

    • thanks mate lol

      so as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself (which I don't already know)

    • :/:/:/ my mains in genshin impact are xingqiu and xiao
      kdjfkds i couldnt think abt of else && im waiting for my game to update so thats the only thing on my mind LOL

      now tell me something about YOU :eyes:

    • I heard that's a really popular game these days and it made like upwards of 2 billion dollars last year...

      the developers are also Chinese if I'm correct?

      ummm...I'm 37 Chinese Australian

    • yeaahhh this game is huge, i kinda been burnt out on it lately and havent been playing much but i needa get back into it orz. its even getting an anime now woo :froghype:

      nice! lol we're on the opposite sides of earth, im from the US :p

  • MY profile hits atm are 1113 happy birthday to me

    • im srry i see 1113 anywhere and i immediately make it abt me thats my day srry

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  • 223.gif

    • my bodyguard unlocked the ability to move now

  • gun2.png

  • Your back? Babeblade :D

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    • slay!! yes!! somehow i have returned lmao.. whats up!! :D

    • Same haha slay! I think I might've tagged you in some things while you were away can't remeber :l Just got back from a walk chlly asf out there hru? :d

    • ohh! maybe notifs go away after awhile i didnt catch em ;(
      oo nice! thats fun, i wish it was chilly here ;(;( , im okaayy all ive been doing is playing splatoon 3 thats my life rn :pepe-pray: as eventful as i get lmao.

  • go to sleep :pepe-cut:

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    cravity: gifs | Tumblr

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    • omg first thing i see in the morning and i feel REFRESHED & AWAKE thank u

    • You are welcome! Idk who he is but I typed up cravity gif and saw that and was like "shit that's cute"

    • right!!! he's our leader serim !! :pleading: he's built like a jock, & has the heart of a softie. much luv to that lil dude <3

    • Can I guess era??? I'm thinking Adrealine!

    • close! yet far! another refreshing fun era :pleading: :

  • hook hOOOOK ay look at the moving e eye wani shoog shoog SHOOG

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  • hii

  • Our dp's both sparkle, and I think that's kind of neat :)

    (I hope you see this before I change my aesthetic because it won't make sense otherwise ;( )

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  • your sig is so wholesome :oops: who are they?

  • srry to drop by, but where is ur pfp from?

    • he's Shuzo from an anime/phone rhythm game called Show By Rock!!

      its rly cute and fun and super silly so i highly recommend hehehe.

      and the music from the series also absolutely slaps, theres a bunch of different bands/genres so theres a big variety. show by rock big epic 8)

    • ok im so sorry for saying this


    • LMAO

      yes ! ;( ;( ;(

    • i........

    • hes just a bit sparkly wassup ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(


  • Is this Milkshake?

  • never forget when i had mr ratburn pfp and even months after that i was still known has mr ratburn pfp

  • nothing is funnier than my crusty banner

  • my god

  • up10tions coming back soon watch the mv and listen to the whole new FULL ALBUM when it comes out r else ur a mfr

  • bye uglies its really boring here now x

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    • You were the best milkshake I ever knew :cryingk:

    • thanks. u were the best cherry, boy, and capybara i will ever kno x. i came back for a second to make a rant thread.

  • im still terrified of this site since it bricked my old laptop

    thanks for ruining my life but im going to post my art and run

  • bey <3 uwu

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    • uwu!!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

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    • how you beeeeen?~

      uwu but it has been so long I missed you :(

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    • i been okay ;;;; how about you???

      it hASSS ahhh missed u too x ;( ;(

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    • oof good thing! been stressed out about finals so not too online until March :(

      exactlyyy, I missed my friends too much, I couldn't move all of them to the other forums haha

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    • oh nooo good luck w finals!!! u got this! 8)

      awhhh ;( so many forums to chooseee lol

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  • STAN BP :cursing:

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