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  • up10tions coming back soon watch the mv and listen to the whole new FULL ALBUM when it comes out r else ur a mfr

  • bye uglies its really boring here now x

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    • You were the best milkshake I ever knew :cryingk:

    • thanks. u were the best cherry, boy, and capybara i will ever kno x. i came back for a second to make a rant thread.

  • im still terrified of this site since it bricked my old laptop

    thanks for ruining my life but im going to post my art and run

  • bey <3 uwu

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    • uwu!!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

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    • how you beeeeen?~

      uwu but it has been so long I missed you :(

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    • i been okay ;;;; how about you???

      it hASSS ahhh missed u too x ;( ;(

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    • oof good thing! been stressed out about finals so not too online until March :(

      exactlyyy, I missed my friends too much, I couldn't move all of them to the other forums haha

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    • oh nooo good luck w finals!!! u got this! 8)

      awhhh ;( so many forums to chooseee lol

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  • STAN BP :cursing:

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  • no problem :)

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  • @ me on twitter when the anime guild comes back, other than that im yawnin x

  • i put shuzo thru a CRUST MACHINE to get him to work in my header. respect it.

  • can my gif pfp plz work shuzo lOOK AT ME

    • he looks crusty asf but ill take it

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