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  • You seem familiar :pepe-tea:

  • Hii, thanks for the follow :red-heart: I followed you back :finger-heart:

    How are you doing?

    • hi ! yw and tyy! im good, just kinda sick, hru?

    • hii! aw, i hope you feel better soon :holding-back-tears: i am doing fine!

      also how did you found me and why did you decided to follow me? :eyes:

    • ty! its probably just allergies tho

      bc youre on another forum 👀 (p.s, you should go back on that certain forum)

    • aw i hope you feel better soon

      ohh so that's why you also follow Bae because she's also in another forum :eyes:

      are you from kprofiles or kpopsource?? :eyes::eyes::eyes:

      ngl i am not active there because i forgot the password lmao :skull:

      i will try to remember it

    • i remembered it, now i have to figure out who u are :eyes::eyes::eyes:

      tell me from what forum you are first :eyes::eyes::eyes: