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  • Happy birthday :finger-heart:

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  • :pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading:

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    • Hello 👀🥺

    • I noticed you use the uwu emoji a lot :eyes: and hii, how are you doing? :pleading:

  • hii

  • *gasp* you're a selfmate now :excited-bee:

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    • hehe yosssss. you are also one :eyes::ooo-bee:

    • wth i don't realize i'm a selfmate too :oop-bee:

  • Is that Jamie Campbell Bower :love:

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  • happy birthday nitya





  • Guess break is over and omg, how cute is your ava!!!!!!!!! :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

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    • HEWWWOO! Happy Halloween :pleading:

    • happy halloween to you too :pepelove1:

      lol oh I see... so you're one of those people :S well at least you are self-aware about it ^^

  • Whoever sees this. I am on a break, I found another addiction. Will always miss the time I spent here.

    Someday I will hope to find the neutral in my path.

  • hi, long time no talk :pepe-toilet:

  • My dear do you like Taeyeon ?

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    • I dont like her at all. I LOVE HER.

      I am not that much into SNSD but as a soloist, I love Taeyeon and stan her. :pleading:

    • OMG for a second I got a heart attack

      Yeah she my Ulti Bias what is your favourti song from her :|:|:|

    • Hands on me, Love you like crazy, 11:11, Why, I, Something New, Spark, Here I am, I Got Love and many more.

      Purpose album holds a special place in my heart.

  • thx for the follow!

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  • :pepe-toilet:

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    • THE SOUNNNDDDDD😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

      I want that induction stove. 🤭🙏

  • heyyyy <333

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  • What's up, Nityay?

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    • Today me changed my username, It'll be AEN. :blushing: I was waiting for months.

      AE- aespa, E-exo and N- nitya.

      Nowadays, me busy busy because its my summer break and after that it'll be last year then GRADUATION LULZ. I am working hard and trying to balance b/w my different hobbies plus studies.

      How about you, how are you?

    • I am fine. Just hanging in there....

  • thanks for the follow my friend...and as i ask of everyone tell me something about yourself

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    • I am a pinkkkyy minkyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂.

      Its a mystery only few can solve. 🌚🌝

    • ?????

      what is a pinky minky?

    • Minky suits me better 🎉🕺.

      On the question how did minky became pink blooded-

      So. I was an EXOL for years, approx 4 years. I knew about NCT but wasn't interested in them but I loved most of their title tracks and never indulged to know much about them since infinite number of members was kinda not for me. Slowly slowly I became casual fans of both SNSD and Red velvet whenever I discovered their songs during shuffle mode. Same happened with SHINee and SuJu. I didn't knew about their companies at that time. But always had their songs in my playlist. Then SuperM happened. Baekhyun and Kai were in it so obviously I got involved in everything they did in SuperM.

      This made me know more about NCT members and their talents. When EXO went on hiatus I became a sucker for NCT and their content, I became a casual fan and it took me 6 months to transition as a stan when Resonance happened.

      No matter what happens any song from SM artists is very addictive to me. I know the groups have a different style themes but something about the song structures makes them equal.

      I got to know about SM stan as a word when I joined this forum in a negative way. But I am not a pinky minky in a negative way, I do understand that every company here is money minded. I just love the various song structures they put up.

    • interesting which begs the question of how you got into kpop in the first place?

      so by discovering music from one SM group you slowly learned/ were recommended music from the other groups within the same company?

      do you listen or are you a fan of any other groups?

    • My school classmates were kpop fans and they were taking part in Kpop World Festival organized by SK's foreign ministry every year. They were preparing Playing With Fire and needed one more person, so I chose to take part in it.

      So a fact about me- I listen to a song only for the music, instrumental or vocal parts not the lyrics. That's the reason I enjoy songs of different languages. It was kinda weird to listen Playing With Fire but I got habitual to it. When the competition ended, I just listened to PWF everyday. On one fine day I accidentally left my youtube on auto mode and it played various songs while I was gone. The moment I inserted my earphones Wolf was playing, for some reason I couldn't stop myself thinking about Kai's rap and slowly slowly discovered more of EXO. Then I didn't stop and became am EXOL.

      I used to be a multi-stan but now I am busy and might have less time so I cut my stanning list and removed those groups whom I stopped searching at all.

      Stans- EXO, NCT, Aespa, Taemin,Taeyeon, Sunmi, LOONA

      ( I am much more active as an Orbit on stan twt than here, so you won't see me in LOONA threads)

      Casual fan- SNSD, SHINee, SuperM,Twice, Itzy, TBZ, SKZ, Day6, RV, BP, Tri.Be, StayC,Gfriend, Lee Hyori, Chungha, MMM, Jackson, G(I)-DLE,SVT, TXT, enhypen,etc.

      Though I don't stop myself listening to a new group. One thing I love about this forum is that I can get to know about new talented groups I haven't discovered.

      And yes YouTube recommended me SM groups in the order- RV, SNSD and SHINee, and few times- f(x), NCT or Suju.

  • thanks for following back!

  • I am on the Next Level, yeah! :shake-it:

  • omg ur candace dp lol

  • Bestie are you buying DFTF album? :pepe-excited:

    I'm so excited fo their comeback.

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    • My story is emotional. I have zero kpop albums. ;( . When I'll earn money on my own then I'll definitely buy albums.

    • I hope you can earn money quick, not just for buying album but also for your other needs :pepelove1:

      I also have zero albums but i'm interested to buy DFTF, even though i'm still confused about the different versions.

    • I was 99.9% close to buying POWER ALBUM, but in the end, my parents stopped me saying, you won't do shit with it and it will be kept in a corner. Which is kinda true. :pepe-joy:

    • I just saw your reply :sweatr:

      If i ever buy an album i will do so secretely tbh as it's quite expensive when converted to my country's currency :pepe-comfy:

      Your parents are right, my parents will say so as well. But like i just want it :-(

  • why haven't we follow each other yet :pepestare:

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    • OH WOW! WE ARE BORN CLOWNS. :pepe-clown-gear:

  • Join aespa guild :blushing: I thought you member already :lovec:

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    • Yesssss,I already sent evo message for joining. :blushing: . Waiting for her to come online.

    • im so happy you official in guild now :blushing: you very kind and positive always :flying:

  • that pfp loos bomb btw

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  • I see you already add Giselle teaser Image to your sig it looks great :|:|:|

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    • Now waiting for NING, then it will be a complete blast. :pepeflushed: . There will be another change after 4 more different sets of pics as SM promised. :pepefrog:

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    • I can't wait.....but I know for sure that this gonna look Awesome :|:|:|

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    • I cant imagine what the other set of pics might turn out. :pepe-sad: .

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  • hey, I know you don't know me (you don't know me on this account, you know me on my other account) but

    the user @kourtneyk would like to tell you that they got banned, long back

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    • Lol and I got confused with that ban. What is happening. ;(

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    • Bans are going berserk, kourtney tried to come back with an alt but got banned again so- ;(

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    • Yes, I saw that onceblink account and a ban with it ;( . Their speed :peperun:

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    • yeaaa ;(;(;( itna fast ban dekha nahi hai xD

  • tumblr_osobt8X7cd1wu1amko1_1280.jpg


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    • I had watched I GOT LOVE so many times. But never had a clue about this look. And one day I just search I GOT LOVE TAEYEON and damnnnn GOD TAEYEON APPEARS. TAEYEON can literally rock any look.

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    • I love her in darker goth looking clothes and makeup. She seems more comfortable that way and tends to keep dying her hair black. I wish SM would full on let her dive into that cause a taeyeon rock track would be amazing

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  • Temporary H I A TU S. Will miss Exotics, Neo City, and Aespa guild. <3

  • I really love your DP! <3

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  • H I A T U S 2.0

  • best poet

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    • Indeed. well taught by Shakespeare himself. :danceb:

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  • H I A T U S