• I. Introduction

    Orbit or Orbit Union Stylised as ORβIT (Japanese: オルビット; Korean: 오르빗) is a 7 member Japanese-Korean group under Dream Passport.

    II. Career


    All 7 member used to be participant on the Japanese survival show called "Produce 101 Japan" in 2019. The 3 Korean member used to be in a KPop-group called HALO wich disbanded shortly before. Member June also apeared on "Produce 101 X" before.

    The group released their first track, "Lazurite", a ballad song on June 20th, 2020.

    Debut and after:

    On August 20th, 2020 the grouo announced their debut album "00" (オーツー, pronounced O2) wich got released on November 11th, 2020 featuring their debut-song and title track "UNIVERSE".

    They released their first EP called "Enchant" on April 21st, 2021 with the two MVs "Dionaea" and "Blind".


    They worked together with CONVERSE

    III. Members

    Jung Younghoon (정영훈)

    Born: January 15th, 1993
    Height: 1,80m
    Weight: 64kg
    Position: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal
    Kim Heecheon (김희천)

    Born: September 2nd, 1994
    Height: 1,86m
    Weight: 60kg
    Position: Center, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer

    Kim Yoondong (김윤동)

    Born: February 19th, 1995
    Height: 1,78m
    Weight: 60kg
    Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocal
    Uehara Jun (上原潤)

    Born: November 23rd, 1996
    Height: 1,77m
    Weight: 62kg
    Position: Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocal
    Ando Tomoaki (安藤诚明)

    Born: December 19th, 1996
    Height: 1,75m
    Weight: 63kg
    Position: Main Vocal
    Osawa Shunya (大澤駿弥)

    Born: May 18th, 1997
    Height: 1,76m
    Weight: 61kg
    Position: Sub-Vocal
    Miyajima Yugo (宮島优心)

    Born: December 13th, 2000
    Height: 1,63m
    Weight: 49kg
    Position: Lead Vocal