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  • Thank you for the akorns


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  • happy birthday!

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  • Who are the people in your sig? :love:

  • any good jdramas to watch :pepefrog:

      • Coffee&Vanilla
      • In Time With You
      • Kakafukaka
      • Love on the line
      • M: I subeki hito ga ite
      • May I blackmail you?
      • Peanut Butter Sandwich
      • Sensei, don't you know?
      • You are my pet - Kimi wa Petto!
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    • BTW if you are interested into dramas whith idols/vocalists as actors than you should watch from the dramas named:

      May I blackmail you -> The main male role is played by Dean Fujioka. Dean is mainly working as actor but he is also releasing music since a few years and his most popular song is "History Maker" wich was used as themesong of the anime "Yuri on Ice"

      Sensei, don't you know -> One of the side character, who is working as collegue of the main male character, gets played by Tsuyoshi Furukawa who is member of the boygroup SUPER DRAGON

      M: I subeki hito ga ite -> The female main role is played by Kalen Anzai. Kalen is a vocalist under the same agency as Ayumi Hamasaki. The drama is based on Ayumi Hamasaki's biography and Kalen is playing Ayumi. One of the secendary male main roles is played by Alan Shirahama from the boygroup GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE

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    • thank u i will check these out :claps::claps::claps:

  • :mooning:

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