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  • Dolphin or Cupid?

    • Cupid definitely

    • Yeah that's probably the right answer but I rate them a lot closer than maybe they should be. I'm always late so Dolphin is new to me and I really dig the vibe.

    • Did you hear Nonstop as well?

    • Yup! Probably one of my favourite choruses ever, but I don't think the rest of the song quite keeps up to it. I probably like Dun Dun Dance a bit more overall. I also have a soft spot for Banana Monkey Allergy :oops:

    • Yeah I think Dun Dun Dance is the superior Oh My Girl song that was a big hit. Banana Allergy Monkey, interesting choice. I think you'd like Liar Liar if you haven't heard yet. Their debut (also called Cupid lol) is also super fun

  • I love Rolling Quartz! I've been listening to them a lot since you put them on the series. Delight is my favourite, but all of their other songs are really good too!

    • Yes they're so good aren't they. My friend in New York is going to see them live

    • OMG! I'm so jealous.

    • Have you been to any kpop concerts?

    • Yes I have! I actually went to Brave Girls concert when they were in the US (I guess it ended up being their farewell tour). They're the girl group I've seen, but I saw a decent amount of boy groups. Monsta X, The Boyz, Golden Child, Imfact, UP10TION, JJCC

    • Oh wow! I actually thought it was quite rare for groups to come to North America. I guess that's not the case. Brave Girls would be really cool, but I'm sure you had a blast at all of them.

      I was already going to be in Toronto the weekend Twice is coming (I don't live very close) for Blue Jays games with my father, so you can be darn sure I'm not going to miss a chance to see them slay live.

  • I know they had a viral hit way too late after its release but still


    • ITS TRUE!! Their discography only had good songs

    • Well Sugar Sugar was kinda a miss, but everything else was incredible

    • You take that back right NOW!! 2x

      I have no words to describe how much I love Sugar Sugar. It's their YooHoo! It's their Darling!

      Excuse me I need to go lie down :pepe-puddle:

    • Ok fine, it does get stuck in my head fairly often :pepe-beg:

  • I heard Dynamite a million times because it's on my friend's playlist and I literally never knew it was a BTS song. I'm pretty sure she doesn't either because she thinks I'm weird for liking Kpop LOL.

    That shows you how much attention I pay to newer stuff (as if it's even new anymore), especially BG though :pepe-peek:

    • lmao. Yeah it's definitely more difficult to keep up with the new releases nowadays

  • my favorite youtuber

  • Who is your favourite gen 4 girl group?

    • Hmm, good question. I've been really liking Tri.be, IVE and (G)i-dle. I think those are my top 3. How about you?

    • Well that's kind of why I asked. Aside from your Hidden Gems, I don't explore very far beyond my gen 2/3 playlist. From what I can tell from my YouTube history, I've listened to two IVE songs at some point and none from the others :oops:

      You have good taste so now I have somewhere to start. Thanks Hoppy! :pepe-annoy:

    • No problem! I really like this Tri.be song. LE of EXID writes all their stuff

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    • So good! It's nice that LE is getting to work on other projects within the industry.

  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • I am doing well! How are you?

    • Good to know you are! I am doing well too!

      What are you up to? :check-bee:

    • Teaching. I work at an elementary school and that has consumed a lot of my life, but I enjoy it a lot.

    • Oh really? Do the the students listen well?

    • It depends on the day. But they're doing better than they did last year. What have you been up to?

  • its been awhile brochacho, whats up !!!!!

    • Hey! I've been good. Busy but good. School with my students is going well and my violin program is growing which is great.

    • How have you been? Still drawing?

    • ayooo!! thats good to hear! glad things are going well for you, that sounds fun !! ^ ^

      yee, trying !! i kinda been lacking lately but im still drawing as much as my brain allows me to heheh :pepelove1:

    • Are you excited for UP10TION?

    • YESSS!!!! im so excited!!!! i love it when they do codes for their teasers, and the concept looks DOPE asf omg, very excited to what this is gonna beeeee, i love them so much damn ;(

  • hope you're doing great oppa lighter_red_hearts.gif


    • just dropping by to say hi, sadly. :pleading: I'll be back for good in the spring, right after i've avoided my dad killing me for not pulling off my last year of college with a gold star :-P miss u a lot! you're an amazing akp friend of mine! :finger-heart: take good care!

  • I like Twice :oops:

    • Don't we all? Talk That Talk slaps

    • It does! I've never really been drawn to any of the big 3 company groups (aside from SNSD, obv). I always thought it would be Red Velvet to pull me in, but Momo, Nayeon, and Heart Shaker is combination that very few groups can dream of matching.

      I know I'm late to the party but that's how I do :pepe-cringe:

    • Better late than never!

  • he's back! :yesr:

  • I hope you're having a good vacation!

    • Well, sadly not. Our ride broke down and we've been stuck on the road for hours

    • Oh wow, that's awful. Hopefully everything gets resolved soon. Sending positive vibes <3

    • Thanks. Someone should be coming in a half and hour but we've just been stuck for 6 hours

  • Congrats on 300 hidden gems! Pretty impressive oppa! :finger-heart:


    • Thanks! I'll restart the series when I get back home. I'm on vacation right now

    • have a nice vacay oppa! :thumbup:

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

  • OH MY GAWD!!!

    I can officially pass out and go to Heaven oppa!!


    ROLLING QUARTZ is coming to AKP with an AllKill badge!!


  • Hidden Gem suggestion?

    • I love Snuper! They were in an earlier episode, but I might do repeats since I'm starting to run out of suggestions.

    • Outstanding! 🧡

  • Oppa :borahae: I realize that you're stanning all the groups but would you possibly be willing to just have a "Guild: MerryLand" added to your profile description?

    I just need two more members to make my Guild dream come true! :pepe-sad: Zero requirement on your part, just a good will gesture! :pepelove1:

  • Donate akrons please :pepe-beg:

  • oppa :borahae: I'll drop by on weekends every now and then. i'm consumed with work this summer :( Please keep me on your taglist, I love your threads! thanksy

    • ....also, did you have one on Crayon Pop :/ Way was my bias :pepelove1:

    • I did have one on Crayon Pop. Ellin was my bias

    • thank you! I'll find it then! :borahae: Ellin was a Queen, thats fo sure!

    • Here's one for you: UpTown! :-P If you covered that one, i give up! lol

    • Haven't heard too much about them. Any song suggestions?

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

  • Hi and thanks for the follow! <3 btw I really admire your series about Hidden gems, it's a box of treasure for music fans! I feel like after about 3 years of listening to kpop I know almost nothing, there's still so much music to discover ^^

    • Thanks for always being so supportive!

  • Hopscotch! I thought one of my all-time favourite fancams was deleted forever. I was so bummed. After two days of searching, and using google translate to get the Korean characters of the title, and searching those characters on google's video search tab, then scrolling through twenty-two pages of search results, I finally found a reupload on Pandora with only a couple hundred views and a misspelled English title.

  • Hopkinz Akornz Plz


    Wow 1
    • I swear sometimes akp randomly unfollows me from people

  • Hope you're well ♡

    • YOU TOO!!!

    • I am, tyvm ♡

      Since I am no longer active on H/C, may I be added to your "Hidden Gems" taglist here pls? :>

    • Absolutely!

  • Merry Christmas, Hopkinz :pepe-toast:

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  • You're the only other person I know who might appreciate this. I feel like I'm the only one in the world who was excited to see it. These are 2 of my favourite idols and I was so happy to see them together :pepelove1:

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    • OMG SO PRETTY!! I love them too, Hypeun is low-key friends with lots of people

  • I just discovered Hong Ju Hyun! Have you heard her new song Flower? I'm sure you have but I just wanted to say it's SO GOOD!

    • I haven't heard her before but this song is so good! She's so pretty and her voice is very powerful. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Thanks for the follow~