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    I. Introduction

    The Boyz (Korean: 더보이즈; formerly known as Cre.kerz) is a South Korean boy group formed by Cre.ker Entertainment. The group currently

    The Boyz (Korean: 더보이즈; formerly known as Cre.kerz) is a South Korean boy group formed by Cre.ker Entertainment. The group currently consists of 11 members: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo and Eric.
    The group debuted on December 6, 2017.
    Originally a 12-piece group, former member Hwall officially left the group in October 2019 due to health reasons.

    II. Career

    In 2016 and early 2017, various members appeared in different artists' music videos, as cameos or lead roles. Kevin was first introduced to the public as a contestant on Kpop Star 6, where he was eliminated early in the competition. Following this, he had the chance to release an OST for the drama Saimdang, Light's Diary in April 2017. Sunwoo became a contestant on High School Rapper in January 2017, where he was also eliminated early in the competition. In March 2017, Ju Haknyeon participated in Produce 101 and reached 19th place during the final episode.

    On July 4, the group was first announced as Cre.kerz, through the agency's social medias. On July 18, their official name was revealed. From August 23 to October 11, their first reality show Flower Snack aired, resulting in the release of the song "I'm Your Boy". They held their first fanmeeting "Heart to Heart" for 1,000 fans on October 28.

    On December 6, The Boyz officially debuted with the release of their first extended play The First and its lead single "Boy". From February 12 to March 15, their second reality show The 100 aired on V Live. As the result of this show, they held an online mini-concert on March 23. Sangyeon had his first fixed cast appearance on the show We are the One that aired from February 26 until its cancellation on March 26. The Boyz were invited to perform at the 12th Asian Film Awards on March 17 in Macau, their first overseas performance.

    The group released their second extended play The Start and its lead single "Giddy Up" on April 3, 2018. Due to health problems, Hwall couldn't promote with the group and subsequently had to halt all activities for three months.

    The twelve members, with Hwall back from his hiatus, released a special digital single titled "Keeper" on July 12, 2018.

    On July 24, they won their first "Rookie Award" during the Korea Brand Awards.

    The group appeared on the reality show Happy Arrived At Our House that aimed to raise awareness of the problem of abandoned street dogs in Korea. They temporarily took care of two puppies until they were found a home.

    On August 30, the group won another "Rookie Award" at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards. On September 5, they made their first comeback in 5 months with the single The Sphere and the song "Right Here".

    On September 28, Q was announced as the last dancer to join the Main Dancers of Hallyu, along with other main dancers from boy groups including MONSTA X's Shownu, GOT7's Yugyeom, Seventeen's Hoshi, NCT's Taeyong and NU'EST W's JR.

    The group released their third extended play The Only and its lead single "No Air" on November 29, 2018.

    On December 1, the group won another "Best New Male Artist Award" at the 2018 Melon Music Awards.

    The group released their second single album Bloom Bloom and its lead single "Bloom Bloom" on April 29.

    On May 7, The Boyz received their first-ever music show win on SBS MTV's The Show.

    The group released their fourth extended play Dreamlike and its lead single "D.D.D" on August 19.

    On October 23, Hwall officially left the group due to health issues and pursued acting career afterwards.

    On November 6, The Boyz officially debuted in Japan with the release of their first Japanese extended play Tattoo and its lead single "Tattoo".

    On December 6, the group released a special digital single titled "White (화이트)" to commemorate their second anniversary. Between December 11 and 20, the group toured in Berlin, Paris, London, and Amsterdam as part of their European tour titled Dreamlike.

    On February 10, the group released their first studio album Reveal and its lead single "Reveal".

    On March 20, it was announced that the group will join Mnet's reality television competition Road to Kingdom. On June 12, they released their new song "Checkmate" for the show's finale. The group eventually finished in first place, winning the show and securing a spot in upcoming Mnet program Kingdom.

    On September 21, the group released their fifth extended play Chase and its lead single "The Stealer". During promotions, The Boyz received four music show wins: once on MBC's Show Champion, twice on Mnet's M Countdown and once on SBS MTV's The Show.

    At the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards, it was announced that The Boyz (who won Road to Kingdom) would be joining ATEEZ and Stray Kids on the inaugural season of Kingdom, a Mnet competition show.

    On December 7, the group released a special digital single titled "Christmassy!", to commemorate their third anniversary.

    The group released their first Japanese studio album Breaking Dawn with lead single ''Breaking Dawn'' on March 17

    III. Members

    Sangyeon (상연)
    Birth Name: Lee Sang Yeon
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
    Birthday: November 4, 1996
    Nationality: Korean

    Jacob (제이콥)

    English Name: Jacob Bae
    Korean Name: Bae Joon Young
    Position: Lead Vocalist
    Birthday: May 30, 1997
    Nationality: Canadian

    Younghoon (영훈)

    Birth Name: Kim Young Hoon
    Position: Vocalist, Visual
    Birthday: August 8, 1997
    Nationality: Korean

    Hyunjae (현재)

    Birth Name: Lee Jae Hyun
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual
    Birthday: September 13, 1997
    Nationality: Korean

    Juyeon (주연)
    Birth Name: Lee Ju Yeon
    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
    Birthday: January 15, 1998
    Nationality: Korean

    Kevin (케빈)
    English Name: Kevin Moon
    Korean Name: Moon Hyung Seo
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Birthday: February 23, 1998
    Nationality: Korean-Canadian

    New (뉴)

    Birth Name: Choi Chan Hee
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Birthday: April 26, 1998
    Nationality: Korean

    Q (큐)

    Birth Name: Ji Chang Min
    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
    Birthday: November 5, 1998
    Nationality: Korean

    Juhaknyeon (주학년)

    Korean Name: Ju Hak Nyeon
    Chinese Name: Zhou He Nian
    Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
    Birthday: March 9, 1999
    Nationality: Korean

    Sunwoo (선우)

    Birth Name: Kim Sun Woo
    Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Birthday: April 12, 2000
    Nationality: Korean

    Eric (에릭)

    Korean Name: Son Young Jae
    English Name: Eric Son
    Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
    Birthday: December 22, 2000
    Nationality: Korean-American

    IV. Discography

    The First


    6 December, 2017 | Mini Album

    Title Song: Boy

    Tracks: Intro – Boy – Walkin’ In Time – Got it – I’m Your Boy – Boy (Inst.)

    Apple | Spotify

    The Start


    3 April, 2018 | Mini Album

    Title Song: Giddy Up

    Tracks: The Start – Giddy Up – Text Me Back – Just U – Back 2 U – Get It

    Apple | Spotify



    12 July, 2018 | Special Single

    Track: Keeper

    Apple | Spotify

    The Sphere


    September 12, 2018 | Single Album

    Title Song: Right Here

    Tracks: Right Here – L.O.U. – Keeper

    Apple | Spotify

    The Only


    November 29, 2018 | Mini Album

    Title Song: No Air

    Tracks: Breath to Breath – No Air – Lucid Dream - 36.5° (Melting Heart) – 4EVER

    Apple | Spotify

    Bloom Bloom


    April 29, 2019 | Mini Album

    Title Song: Bloom Bloom

    Tracks: Bloom Bloom – Butterfly – Clover

    Apple | Spotify



    August 19, 2019 | Mini Album

    Title Song: D.D.D.

    Tracks: Water – D.D.D. – Complete Me – Summer Time – Going High – Daydream

    Apple | Spotify



    November 6, 2019 | Japanese Mini Album

    Title Song: Tattoo

    Tracks: Black All Black – Tattoo – Espionage – Stupid Sorry – Bye Bye Bye – Brigher

    Apple | Spotify



    December 6, 2019 | Special Single

    Track: White

    Apple | Spotify



    February 10, 2020 | Full Album

    Title Song: Reveal

    Tracks: Ego – Reveal – Shake You Down – Scar – Salty – Break Your Rules – Wings – Goodbye – Spring Snow

    Apple | Spotify

    Road to Kingdom Singles


    May 22 – June 12, 2020 | Special Singles

    Track: Checkmate (Apple | Spotify)

    Track: Quasi una Fantasia (Apple | Spotify)

    Track: Reveal (Catching Fire) (Apple | Spotify)



    September 21, 2020 | Mini Album

    Title Song: The Stealer

    Tracks: Shine Shine – The Stealer – Insanity – Whisplash – Make or Break – Checkmate (Stage Ver.)

    Apple | Spotify



    December 7, 2020 | Special Single

    Track: Christmassy!

    Apple | Spotify

    Run On OST


    January 6, 2021 | Drama OST (Hyunjae, New, Sunwoo)

    Track: Priority

    Apple | Spotify

    Breaking Dawn


    March 17, 2021 | Japanese Full Album

    Title Song: Breaking Dawn

    Tracks: PRISM – EINSTEIN – Breaking Dawn – FLAG – Penalty – Kiss Me If You Can – HUSH – Closer

    Apple | Spotify

    V. Awards

    Seoul Music Awards Best performance 2021
    APAN Music Awards Top 10 (Bonsang) 2021
    Golden Disc Awards Next Generation 2021
    The Fact Music Awards Global Hottest 2020
    Melon Music Awards 1theK Original Contents 2020
    Asia Artist Awards Best Choice 2020
    Japan Golden Disc Award Best 3 New Artist (Asia) 2020
    The Fact Music Award Year Dance Performer 2020
    Soribada Best K-Music Awards New K-Wave Performance 2020
    MTV Video Music Awards Japan Rising Star 2019
    The Fact Music Awards Next Leader 2019
    Korea Culture and Ent. Awards K-pop Singer 2019
    Melon Music Awards Best New Male Artist 2018
    Asia Artist Awards Male Rookie of the Year 2018
    Korea Popular Music Awards Rookie of the Year 2018
    Soribada Best K-Music Awards New Hallyu Rookie 2018
    V Live Awards Global Rookie Top 5 2018
    Korea Brand Awards Male Rookie Idol of the Year 2018

    VI. Reality and Variety Show Content

    Flower Snack - predebut reality show series, showing the members running a snack bar business.

    The 100 - members get 100 hours to prepare for a showcase

    Come on! The Boyz: Challenge Fairy

    Come on! The Boyz: Sumer RPG…U8jkrQENXd9GPsj4xiTZarw8h

    Come on! The Boyz: School…U8jknd3b8u3cSmxHe_pVrEmrW

    Come on! The Boyz: In New York…U8jkSOy57QopAE3OfUxGmQDgE

    The Play - is also a very fun series of videos, with the members playing random games…U8jm2EdskH7E2FBAJzL-bIAka

    DOLympiad - Idol test Olympics…0Rv5OQoTVPi2PZE6c5tgRrir0

    MAFIA Games

    THE BOYZ ‘CHASE’ on iTunes :✔ More information about THE BOYZhttp://www.theboyz.kr

    THE BOYZ ‘REVEAL’ on iTunes:✔ More information about THE BOYZhttp://www.theboyz.krhttps...

    THE BOYZ ‘No Air’ on iTunes:✔ More information about THE BOYZTHE BOYZ Facebook:

    THE BOYZ ‘No Air’ on iTunes:✔ More information about THE BOYZTHE BOYZ Facebook:

    [덥:플레이(THE PLAY)] THE BOYZ House SP EP.4 - LIVING ROOM
    THE BOYZ 'Giddy Up' on iTunes:✔ More information about THE BO...


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