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  • Hey how have you been? Just fyi, my internet is down so I can't easily make a hidden gem for a few days

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    • Hey I'm doing good! You don't have to explain but I appreciate you taking the time to give me an update :joy: :)

      Hopefully your internet gets fixed soon. I added more concert videos to that same channel if you're interested.

    • Awesome! And I'm pretty sure I subscribed to your channel!

  • Hey! Quick question. Are you a ONCE? I wonder because I saw one of your posts with a TWICE song called HAPPY HAPPY.

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    • Absolutely! I replied to your post :joy: :)

    • I thought you were gonna respond here first, so I posted here.

      Oh, and how much do you love TWICE? I love them so much that I bought a magazine with Nayeon on the front cover.

      Even though Tzuyu is my bias in TWICE, I bought the magazine because it’s the only magazine with a TWICE member in it.

    • I love them so much! I don't listen to any new music other than Twice. Not even American music. I like some older kpop stuff like gen 2 and early gen 3, but now it's just Twice. I really want a signed album but maybe someday. I'm so excited for their concert.

    • Oh and my bias is Momo but also Nayeon

    • What does 2nd gen and 3rd gen mean?

  • where u at? <3

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  • Have you heard the new Nature song? It sounds very 2nd gen and the way it's filmed is also very 2nd gen

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    • Nope I haven't. I don't think I've heard any Nature songs, but this is exactly the type of thing I've been hoping to find in gen 4! Lately I've been getting sore from making a cringe face so much :pepe-cringe:

      Thank you for the recommendation!

    • Yeah it sounds like something a powerful 2nd gen group would release like Rania. The goofy part with the hair dance is a little jarring, but I like the quirkiness of it and the dance is fun that goes along with it

    • Lol yeah. Honestly that almost adds to the gen 2 feel. I think most of the best songs had their own little quirky moments, whether it was a silly dance move or a line that felt a little out of place. Those are the moments we end up loving and keeps us going back.

    • Definitely. I also LOVE the limbo choreo. That was so cool

  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

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    • Hi! I'm doing great. I hope you are too :cheer-bunny:

      I know Merryland updates have been slow but that will change soon!

    • Good to know you are doing great, I am too, thank youuuu!! <3

      No pressure but that's great news!

      Can you follow back? :oops:

    • Done :joy: :)

    • Yayyyy!! Thank youuuu!!

  • not here for long but I wanted to say hi ;-) I hope you're doing great! :thumbup:

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  • Hey hope you're doing well!!!

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    • I'm doing great :joy: :). Youha is coming back! Are you as excited as I am? She's still probably my favorite find from your series.

    • Yes I'm so excited!!! It's been too long since Ice T dropped.

    • Youha's new song was so good!!!

    • OMG it really was!! I was kind of nervous because I don't look forward to many comebacks since I'm basically a disbanded stan. When I do I'm usually a little disappointed, but not this time. She nailed it! It has an almost trance-like quality to it.

      Numb from the b-side is pretty good too but I haven't checked out the others yet.

    • I'm in the same boat! And yeah I felt the same I loved the trance-like qualities of it. I haven't listened to Numb, I'll have to check it out

  • I've decided to take an AKP break for the foreseeable future :pleading: and truth be told, I don't when I'll be back. I have asked Ves to give you ownership of the Merryland OP. This is TOTALLY up to you if you want to maintain it but what I do know, is that you are the only one that can do it, that's for sure. If not, you can just ask her to close it for good.

    I'm not mad at anything or anyone, nor do I have any personal issues to deal with. But with school starting again soon, I simply won't have time for any online stuff. I want you to know how much i have appreciated you, I am truly grateful to have met you! I'm so sorry for doing this but after giving it some thought, it was inevitable for me.

    Take good care of yourself my friend and once again, thank you so much for everything! :finger-heart:

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    • I'm not great at these things, which is why it took me a while to reply. I wish it didn't have to be all-or-nothing but I'm sure you have your reasons. I've been here 4 years and you're only the second person to acknowledge my existence. I came here excited to talk about all my faves but no one wanted to discuss disbanded gen 2 groups or Momoland. I feel so much different than the average user here (in both taste and worldview) and would've been gone long ago if Hopkinz didn't notice me rambling about old groups all the time.

      And then somehow you found a Momoland taglist with me on it. I didn't even know I was on a Momoalnd taglist because I don't think it was ever used before you came. No one here cared. Now I have the best DP border on the entire internet and Momoland has a small but loving community right here on AKP, all thanks to you. I'm glad you found that taglist.

      I will do my best to lead the guild. I don't know if I can bring the same energy as you but I will try. I'll still consider the guild yours, even if my name is on it for now. I'm just keeping your seat warm.

      Remember that nothing in this world is out of your reach. I hope you achieve all of your goals and more. I have no doubt that you will. Go get 'em @}>--^-----

    • Thank you so much! And for the record, I have ALWAYS appreciated you! :finger-heart: my guesstimate is that, if Ido come back, it will be next spring, after school. Don't worry about the guild, you'll do just fine, there's really not much to do. I'll post it in there for you. Once again, I am truly grateful to you! Take good care! <3

  • Thanks for being so kind and amazing! You truly are the sweetest guild member ever! I'm extremely proud and lucky to have created our Merryland guild with you! TYSM! :finger-heart: I'll forever be grateful to you!

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    • Aww, thanks! But everyone knows you're the sweetest :cutes:

      I'm glad someone showed Momoland some love on here. I used to only log on for Hopkinz's Hidden Gems series, but thanks to you I have another reason :send-love-bunny:

  • please support my Rolling Quartz badge petition for a mere 10 akorns here:

    Rolling Quartz Petition

    tysm! :finger-heart:

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    • Done!

    • thank you so so much SMD! :send-love-bunny: you are such a good friend of mine! :cutes: I'm very fortunate to have you!

    • Aww 2x

      Sorry I haven't been very active in the guild. I just moved so I've been busy putting furniture together and settling in 2x

    • omg! You are so wise! A full two weeks ahead of time!! You won't have to deal with the July chaos! :thumbup: I hope you like your new place! :finger-heart:

  • a lil' something to brighten up your day :borahae:

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    • Aww, I love it! It did brighten my day :pepelove1:

    • :send-love-bunny:

    • Could I possibly name you Co-Leader of our Merryland guild? :borahae:

      No biggie, really, but its a recommended guild procedure.

      In my absence for whatever reason, you could dm Ves to either add or remove guild members. that's about it. We don't have any sub-forum or badge border to worry about. Let me know!

    • Yup, I can do that! :lover3: I'm not always online but I check in a few times a day.

    • Outstanding! Tysm! I'll advise Ves accordingly and update our Guild OP. You're the Best! :borahae:

  • Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope you're doing alright!

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  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?

    Thank you! :dahyun3: