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    what groups do u stan

  • im so glad they brought the old akp emotes back, but i forgot how to use some of em in text form lol

  • im done with mah tests :pepe_blush:

  • so ima be absent for a while, cuz my tests and stuff are coming up idk im just posting this here in case yall wonder where tf i went

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    • I miss you please comeback soon and good luck with your tests :thumbup:

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    • awwwww thats so nice, im back now !

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    • Wow happy you are back again I hope your test all went well :thumbup:

  • im getting so triggered by itzy related content here i swear :pepe-life-support:

  • why is ti so hard to find the posts and threads we make omg

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    • I know!! Miss the old search options :(

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    • my watch thread list is gonna be full at this rate lol its the only way to like keep track

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    • I just give up on my threads after ca two days. If anyone replies after that I will most likely not know

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  • there used to be so much aespa bashing on here omg, thank god ppl are sticking up for them but then at the same time why dont we have more ppl defending itzy istgggggg

  • time to change my aesthetic since gidles gone ;(;(

  • :clown: so im back on this acc, i cleared up stuff with all the mods lol

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  • *coughs* rip *coughs*

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  • Banned? Why??

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    • She one another forum now and ask me to tell you guys that she don't know why she was banned and that she miss you guys

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    • ahem ahem :oops:

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  • I miss you 🥺

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  • Oh gosh logged in and saw you are banned. why? :crys:

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  • yall why cant i upload a gif to use as my pfp, its not working :<

  • look i have a cute cover photo now :>

  • just tryna get my post count up :sadcowboy::

  • why skitzy tho :eyes:

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    • i was literally jus thinking of commenting on ur pfp with sm lyrics lol gonna do it now~

    • skz + itzy lol. and the 18 cuz 2018 was the year i joined a lot of diff communities so : D

      also skitzy just sounded cute lol

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    • sounds like a puppy's name uwuwuuwuwu

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    • aww thanks, if i ever get a puppy im calling it that XD

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    • Whenever I get my puppy I'll name him buddy :love:

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  • HOE :eyes:

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  • where tf is @Kaikat lol

  • mamamoo badges got revamped

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  • should i call you dirty baby or skitz? :saint:

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  • Love your new username :omgr:

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  • found you for real this time :)

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    • that smile is just as creepy as the one on og akp

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    • creepier :):):)

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    • nah the og akp smile looked like they were smiling after ur muder

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    • true

      But this one is creepier to me atm :):):):):)

  • yall its me, im babdit, this is my new username, i changed it cuz i wanted to use another email and other reasons lol

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