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  • You’re a guy?!?! =O

  • Changed it back for you. Look, I'm just trying to follow the guidelines. Didn't mean to take away your fun.

  • When is your first WP running out?

    • no clue

      13 or 14 they said

      Next week

    • well you can just check the warning tab in your profile, the expiration dates are listed there

    • tf really

      it says jun 11th for the earliest one

      am i going to have to stay like this for months?

    • yeah I think 90 days is the default WP duration.. maybe you can ask mods to reduce some of them

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • :pepe-flirt: hey~ :pepe-flirt:

  • Congrats on your faves winning. Am sure ur happy

    :!: :!: :!:

  • i like your threads :|

    • thank you

      maybe give them visits from time to time cause ive been flopping since hte revamp

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  • Welcome Dong.

    How you like the new Hideout.

  • No appreciation post in this new forum :?::!::!::!:

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    • what this mean?

    • U make an everyday appreciation post for your girlies, or maybe I just didn't see it today :!::!::!:

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    • oooh err not everyday

      its spontaneous mostly

      maybe sometime today a new idea will strike me idk

      its not planned

    • I haven't seen u ever make for the pinks. Maybe ur not a fan no big deal. :!::!::!:

    • yeah i dont think ive ever made a thread about them

      but mostly because there's always a lot of people talking about them

      never really felt the need nor had the content to post something unique

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