• Haseul:LOONA's Yeojin Reveals Why Haseul Stood Out To Her From The Moment She Met  Her - KoreabooFull name: Jo Haseul

    Birthday: August, 18, 1997

    Zodiac sign: Leo

    Height: 5"1(156 cm)

    Blood type: O

    Birthplace: Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea

    Haseul is a member of Loona, she is the third member of loona to be revealed and is the leader of the group and 1/3, her solo song " Let me in" came out on December, 15, 2016, her representative animal is a white bird and her representative colour is green, she is a member of the sub unit Loona 1/3, she is the "4th oldest" in Loona

    she had not been in any of the recent comebacks "So what" and "Why not?" as she had been on hiatus due to anxiety

    But she has now Returned to the groups for comeback and Promotions for "&" Era


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