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  • Happy birthday! :yay-bee:

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  • Donate akorns pls

    • Lol, you’ve got more than me!! ^^

  • Followed you on Twt.

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  • You have a really positive and sweet vibe~

  • It's refreshing to see fans of kpop on here that are closer to my age, I feel like an oldster amongst the members who are the same age as the idols.

    • Yeah, there are a lot of young guys here! Actually there are more of us in late twenties/thirties than it might seem, sometimes, though! Bangtan are collecting more and more older ARMY all the time, I think. 💜

  • I missed your birthday. Happy belated B-day to you!

    • Thank you so much! :-) (And for the follow!) x

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  • You look really pretty in your DP! <3

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  • Happy birthday!!

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  • Pusheen the cat

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  • Hiho Happy Bday. I hope you have a wonderful day with your love one :|:|:|

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  • Happy birthday!

    • Thank you! Xxx

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    • You're welcome, I hope you have a wonderful birthday miss penepol <3

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  • Happy Birthday :flying:

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  • happy birthday!

  • Do you not care about aesthetics? you aren't taking advantage of allkill :(

    • I’m an old hag playing on my mobile phone, Ripia! I don’t understand anything!! 😂

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    • I mean, I wish I did sometimes, but then my brain starts fizzing and I remember the days when nothing was more complicated than MySpace. 😜 You’ve got to take pity on us oldies sometimes, give us a pat on the head and fetch us a gin and a pair of nice warm slippers...

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    • you go on your profile and press 'edit profile" scroll and you'll see a bunch of options such as boarders or username colors etc. Have a look through! There is a try it on feature too.

    • Well... I’ve genuinely never felt more like a Nana! 😄

      But thanks, love. X

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