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  • You can always buy things like the jacket online:-)

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    • This is the best I could come up with lol

    • How come I just seen this…did you write this after your pm? 👁👄👁

    • I did. I couldn't find another way to put it on your profile :smirks2:

    • 😭 Me either. I will just plaster it everywhere. Lmao

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  • can u tell the girl in ur dp that I'm single :pepe-flirt:

  • OMG :pepe-sad::pepelove1::pepelove:

    • Thanks a lot dear :pepe-sad::pepelove1:

    • Your welcome! I was saving extra for the guild! I’m happy it came handy!


    • I hope I'll be able to give it back to you soon :pepelove1:

  • is this yeonjun cosplaying as a forum moa susW at 2x

    • Lmao Last time I checked I was still a woman. :clown:

    • okayyyy SusAfHmm at 2x

    • Lmao That boy do likes how he looks but I doubt he would drool on his look as much as I do.


      That would take the self-love to another level.

    • tbh I feel like he would overdo it on the fan behavior and would end up being too obvious :clown:

    • Totally. Lmao I could imagine posting a never seen picture because he gets too heating of phrasing himself. Lol


  • I see youve changed your DP again

    if this keeps up

    My brain will be seeing nothing but Yeonjun :pepe-life-support:

    • Lmao

      Then better if you get used to it. It’s comeback season, I’m gonna make a new look with every new thing we getting.

    • Y E S !

      But the boys have to be visual killers


  • You're from Scotland? Wow. I love that place.

    • Yeah! Me too. That’s why I moved here. Originally I’m from Europe. I stayed once I visited. The mountains are beautiful :pepelove1:

    • Glasgow? Edinburgh (Absolutely gorgeous)?

    • A smaller city near Glasgow. First I stayed in Glasgow then moved here because of my work. It’s small enough that I see highland cows in the ended of the town when I go in Glasgow. :lover1:

    • Wow. I love those gorgeous Scottish Highlands... Do you have a Scottish accent? I mean are you Scottish?

    • No,no. I’m from Europe but I have been staying here for… 8 years now. I do picked up a little accent but it mixes with my original accent. Lol I have been told it’s cute when I say Scottish words like Aye, and wee bit I still sound foreigner.


  • Bless you for the post of TXT at the BTS show, that is so cute :borahae::saint:

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  • I swear Soobin looks like a Litteral Prince~ :pepe-life-support:

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    • Welcome back! Yes, they all do. Beomgyu even has a crown. :cryingr:

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    • Theory time 4 e n the morning lmao :-D

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    • Are we in the same time one? It’s 4 in the morning here too. I’m at work.


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    • rn it is 11:24 pm, you are 5 hours ahread of me, which means you must be in some European country! ^^

    • Yep, U.K.



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