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  • Suave like the shampoo? Haha btw I had my loc as Uranus but.. I was told that was such a typical guy thing to say :/ lmao

    • Im just Suave 8) ...... Uranus is very pretty (The planet not your Anus lol, Unless you have a pretty anus.)

    • Whoa haha and woah! Uranus is pretty nice nice pale blue :O) Idk probably looks like a stretched out elastic band >_>

  • Hi, suave person.

  • The fix is in! :mad:

    • :eyes::akorns::akorns::akorns:

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    • Congratulations on your little scam.... :sketchyk:

    • im not a scammer, you're the scammer fake officer :mad:

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    • You're under arrest for calling me a scammer.... scammer :mad:

    • A scammer cant arrest a scammer, you scammer :cursing::thumbdown:

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  • yooooooo

    • yerrrrrrr

    • yeeeesirrrrrr

    • gaazer gazerrrrrrrr

    • WEEEeeeeEE

      my baddd i was just being fucking traumatize for the rest of my life and wont go outside

    • outside is scary lmao, but I like the sun (sometimes).

  • Thank you so much for the follow! :pepelove1:

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  • y-me?



  • how've you been my friend?

    how's the music stuff coming along?

    • it's going good. I've been helping my close friend with his music career. I'm starting to take a deeper look into my hobbies these days.

    • nice...and you getting along ok with your family?

    • damn you have a great memory... and yea so far. I'm keep in contact and check on them.

    • well if someone is going to follow me and I take the time to get to know's the least I can do as an online friend lol

    • lmao, thanks mate.

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  • i love anime on pfp :peperain:

    I don't remember but this Netflix anime 😄🤍💥

    • Aww lmao, it's Saiki-K :groovins:

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    • I has watching the anime in 2019 and i like it :flying:

    • Me too, anime is a big part of my life now lol. I've been watching it since a child.

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    • wow what is the name ?

      I has forget

    • Saiki-K

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  • Thanks for the follow <3

  • i luv the plot !

  • omg thanks for the follow ily :pepelove1:

    • ily2 and congrats on the new pet lizard lol !

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