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  • Hii! :froghype: It's been a while since we last talked, how are you doing?

    • Im doing good, busy with school and starting my brand. How about you?

    • Good to know you are doing good. Ooh you are starting your brand?

      I'm doing good, we had our semestral break a few days ago so I'm free but not really that free lol.

    • yes, just some last finishing touches and then Ill be set for the first drop, I'll be really busy with school and my brand, but I'll come back from time to time. I bet you were happy about that break, we all need one once in a while.

    • ooh good luck with that! that's great! <3 yess I was happy abt it, trueee!

  • happy late birthday :pepe-sad: I miss you buddy, come back to the syndicate soon! <3

  • Happy cake day

  • Suave like the shampoo? Haha btw I had my loc as Uranus but.. I was told that was such a typical guy thing to say :/ lmao

    • Im just Suave 8) ...... Uranus is very pretty (The planet not your Anus lol, Unless you have a pretty anus.)

    • Whoa haha and woah! Uranus is pretty nice nice pale blue :O) Idk probably looks like a stretched out elastic band >_>

  • Hi, suave person.

  • The fix is in! :mad:

    • :eyes::akorns::akorns::akorns:

    • Congratulations on your little scam.... :sketchyk:

    • im not a scammer, you're the scammer fake officer :mad:

    • You're under arrest for calling me a scammer.... scammer :mad:

    • A scammer cant arrest a scammer, you scammer :cursing::thumbdown:

  • yooooooo

    • yerrrrrrr

    • yeeeesirrrrrr

    • gaazer gazerrrrrrrr

    • WEEEeeeeEE

      my baddd i was just being fucking traumatize for the rest of my life and wont go outside

    • outside is scary lmao, but I like the sun (sometimes).

  • Thank you so much for the follow! :pepelove1:

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  • y-me?



  • how've you been my friend?

    how's the music stuff coming along?

    • it's going good. I've been helping my close friend with his music career. I'm starting to take a deeper look into my hobbies these days.

    • nice...and you getting along ok with your family?

    • damn you have a great memory... and yea so far. I'm keep in contact and check on them.

    • well if someone is going to follow me and I take the time to get to know's the least I can do as an online friend lol

    • lmao, thanks mate.

  • i love anime on pfp :peperain:

    I don't remember but this Netflix anime 😄🤍💥

    • Aww lmao, it's Saiki-K :groovins:

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    • I has watching the anime in 2019 and i like it :flying:

    • Me too, anime is a big part of my life now lol. I've been watching it since a child.

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    • wow what is the name ?

      I has forget

    • Saiki-K

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  • Thanks for the follow <3

  • i luv the plot !

  • omg thanks for the follow ily :pepelove1:

    • ily2 and congrats on the new pet lizard lol !

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