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  • Hello there

    How you doing? Haven't been active so wanted to ask.

    • twitter is honestly faster than asking me on my wall.

    • I didn't know you were active on both at the same time?

      Saw your post and asked here. Wait, let me go ask on twitter ^^

  • Hello, are you and pray4u still on that project analyzing 3rd gen hits?

    • Yeah, I update it every week, and then they come in and change the overall list based on my updates.

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  • What's up, Massive?

    How you doin'?

  • Yo what’s up? I rarely see you in threads these days :wow:

    • Because school kicked my ass last semester, this semester I need to focus.

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    • Lol same thing happen to me. Wish you all the best though

  • :lover2:

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    • Missed you!

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    • Missed you too! I noticed that you are not very active. I hope you will be here a lot. This forum needs people like you. <3

    • I'm focusing on school this semester, that's why I'm not active much. Plus the threads are super recycled for the most part, so I really only check the forum in the mornings.

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    • I hope you will do great! School is really important.

      You are not wrong about that. But I have been stuck at home for almost three months now so I have plenty of time and I often come here.

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    • I'm stuck at home too, but I get a chance to go to work down the street a couple times a week.

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  • ahem

    so a bitch was banned *insert ur dp here* and therefore i have come to take her place. pls remove skitzy18 from both the moa and army taglist and add me instead thank you :>

  • your dp makes me laugh everytime i come across it lmao

  • hey I thought you said threads can't be pinned but I saw there was one thread pinned in the K-Music subforum?

    • I don't know why their minds changed, but I know they told me my threads can't be pinned.

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  • hey, where's the txt taglist? i wanna join

  • What's with the new DP?! I didn't know if it was really you at first, lol.

    • NingNing periodt is one of the funniest pics on my laptop, I had to.

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    • It's super amusing for sure, lol.

  • Massive have you put up the digital thread already?

  • Edit your sig, it's hella lot of codes lol :cursing::!: