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  • Hello.

    How you doing, my friend?

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  • Pick one group! :mad:

  • give akorns pls :pepe-beg:

  • hello, can you buy jo yuri petition pls ? I can refund

  • it was time you notice me, senpai :lover1:

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    • whatever sounds good.

    • Honestly, with samples you never know. I'm def gonna be checking them all out though and seeing which ones I like.

  • hey Massive, do you know how to reply in an Anon thread? i thought it was automatic, but i can't reply in anon thread

    • you just reply like normal. Not sure what issue you’re having

    • my reply just never showed up on the thread and there will always be a pop-up notification at the top of my screen saying "the entry has been saved"

    • Oh in anons your username is randomized to protect your identity.

  • Congrats❤️

  • hey Massive, do you have the thread / list of album with the most digital index?

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  • Hi Massive, do you still have the overall Daesang thread? Will you be updating it?

    • Daesang thread? I don't know.

    • Yup. I remember there was one - not sure if it was from old forum, i thought it was your thread.

    • There was one on the old forum, I don't know if it was ever recreated.

    • Ohh, right. Might be gone with the old forum.

  • hello.png

    • Thank you Jenn! I hope you're doing well and if you're not, you know how to contact me.

    • I'm doing alright, aside from some drama on here, that I just shake my head at. It's not negatively affecting me I just no longer give a shit about the person. I won't bad mouth them, but I feel a sense of relief not having to walk on eggshells constantly around them.

    • That's a good attitude to have. I could learn some of that.

    • They are half my age and I really don't need someone so toxic and wishy washy as a friend. I was nothing but nice to them and i was tired of the way they constantly treated me, it was like they did things to hurt me on purpose just for the attention and i'm so over it. I realize dwelling on what they did isn't worth it.

    • Well good to see you know your worth as a person and what you won't tolerate.

  • Beep poop

  • give me give me now, give me give me now, zuzuzuzu.

    The secret

  • :mad1:

  • TELL ME I'm curious now :pepe-clown-gear:

  • Hello hello. I have sent you the reward. So redeem it when you come online, okay? I'll be waiting.

    • Just got online and redeemed it, thanks Ibby!

    • Yay :pepe-excited: I'm happy you did. You're welcome :pepelove1:

  • thanks for the follow my friend and as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself?

    • later, I'm literally going to leave for work lol

    • no probs lol

      I'm getting ready for bed...

  • Switch greatly and enjoy and I won't report this comment for blatant grammar issues.

    How mean, Massive ! I'm the non native ENG speaker here ! :pepe-tongue:

  • The thread was locked while I was away.

    I am back in my true form. :flying:

    It's like the good old days. :cheersc:

  • See the source image???????

    </3</3</3</3</3 :omg27:

  • I have been into BTS since YNWA. I got into kpop after YNWA but before DNA came out. I liked BTS, Winner and GOT 7 at the time. BTS has been my most listened to artist for the past 4 years.

    That being said I like Korean culture in general so I watch kdramas and variety shows which means I have watched a lot of content with first and second gen idols so I'm into a lot of older groups as well that were active before I was into kpop.

    I used to promote Sechs Kies on here a lot for example. Anyways, I posted here since that thread was closed.

  • So gayyoongi wanted me to tell you they can’t respond to your wall post. :clown:

  • that was a Massive thread :rv42:

  • Thanks for the follow :borahae:

  • hey, I'm sorry for that unnecessary post in your thread. Cheers.

  • i just want to let you know you're doing god's work defending BTS they way you do and it doesn't go unnoticed. i'm always very scared to seriously participate in those threads because i was a victim of severe online bullying when i was younger and it definitely has sensitized me to criticism in my direction when it comes online. anyways, thank you so much, it really gives me hope :borahae:

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    • I would never be a fan of an artist who had a racist past and never apologized for it. People get off to thinking of BTS as the same people they were in 2012-2014 and they are very clearly not. They want brownie points from others who hate BTS for similar reasons. I find it infuriating to use false claims of racism as a sad excuse to hate someone. K-pop fans are not critical thinkers for the most part, and it shows glaringly.

      And about your incidents, I can empathize. I was harassed in school when I was younger for being gay, so I know how traumatizing those experiences can be even if you think you've grown past them.

      I appreciate your kind words.

    • Just wanted to chime in to say I agree!

    • Thank you Penepol (idk your real name lol)

  • you sir have great taste in faves!

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  • I thought I was following you already. I feel like the forums are constantly removing people from my follow list.

  • Now you don't need to worry anymore about your threads being moved to the News section