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  • Can I have akorns? :shyr:

    I'm saving for something :nervousk:

  • :eyes:

  • Welcome to AllKpop! <3

    i see you might be a loona stan <3

    just caught up on the loona situation

    i am so disapointed

    imma kill blockberry </3

    Love 1
    • oh yeah im a loona fan alright

    • Would you like to join the Loona guild <3

    • yeah sure but im not gonna be here for long

      this is an old account i reactivated for some needs

    • aww

      feel free to stop on by so i can show u how to join </3

      if u dont mind sharing

      what needs

      (im a bit confused lol)

    • uhh i needed to talk to a person who deleted their discord recently and i know they're on akp so I dm'd them here lol

      they're back on discord again and I dont fit in the crowd here so I dont think I'll be here much longer

      I'll drop by today dw