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  • Can I have your akorns?

    Also what should I call you? Ayan? Eva?

    • Hey you're back! Good to see you! 😁 Ayan is fine. I'll send you my acorns right now!

    • Aww, thanks! Ohh thanks Ayan!

  • Do you need your akorns?

    • I don't know what the acorns even are tbh.

    • Akorns are what u get when u do forums activity like making a post or thread, a thread maker choosing choosing ur post the best answer, winning games in the arcades and making a lexicon entry. You can buy badges of your favorite idols with ur akorns here. Are there any groups u stan?

    • BTS and TXT. Also waiting for the Hybe Jpn bg with K. Super excited for K! I don't collect badges or anything so you can have my acorns. I can't imagine I'll use them ever. I'm making dinner right now so I'll figure that out after I finish.

    • OMG! Thank you!! This how u do it. You go to my profile and click 'Transfer'. You put how many akorns you want to give me in the 'Amount' section. You can even put a reason if u want.


    • Thanks for the instructions! You should have 806 acorns now.