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    the gifs in the articles are little hard to watch... they tied a wire to the horses leg so that it would fall upon running full speed. The force and pull of it must have been so painful, the momentum literally had that horse somersault onto it's back...

    disgusting and fucking horrible, all just to get that shot..

    tw, the fatal stunt:

    Wtf??!!! And then they ran to the human and ignored the horse???!!! This is horrifying.

    THEN when they get to the West, THEY KNEW english was the only way to get the GP to pay attention. You guys admitting that clearly (by examples of korean parts being edited out or radios not playing korean songs). SO everyone knows english is the only thing GP will listen to. So all they have to judges BTS from is Dynamite, Butter, and PTD. All there korean release aren’t being seen by the GP.

    My argument is, WE all know BTS for having deep lyrics and challenging topics, BUT the US GP hasn’t got to see that because EITHER BTS OR HYBE made a deliberate choice, to make their english release dance pop songs with hardly any meaning.

    I don’t think that’s a controversial opinion…..

    Timing had a lot to do with it, IMO. It's harder to make a deep, happy song and they wanted to make happy songs because of the pandemic. That they also happen to get more attention dovetails nicely with the desire for a Grammy and just wanting to get their music out there to more people somehow. Perhaps with this new chapter, we'll see something different, especially since Joon participates much more in English lyric writing now. I felt similar frustration with older US interviews when the group would pass on the opportunity to answer a question in a meaningful way and instead would give a shallow canned answer. That I think had to do with not always having a translator and not feeling comfortable enough with English to answer in depth. It didn't help the image problem though.

    It often seems to be done for attention seeking and approval of whatever fandom the person has moved to so it's kind of irritating. In other non-kpop fandoms, posting long explanations or videos for why you've left a fandom just isn't really done that often because nobody cares that you left or why and it comes off as very "look at me!" and weird when someone makes a huge deal over leaving. Just leave. Nobody cares about your long ass explanation. Stop being weird about it and go.

    I wonder if their other groups' online concerts were losses or turned a profit? I don't think anyone expected weverse con to be profitable. I don't have any info but I'm almost certain it wasn't profitable last year either. They should just make it free at this point.

    Also, I wonder if there's any info about how much their yet to debut groups might contribute. Hybe continues to be slow af with the Jpn bg and at this point I'm just incredibly annoyed. If they're waiting for the pandemic to ease up more before airing whatever stupid show they insist on making to add additional members, that's a ridiculous strategy. If they'd debuted them sooner, they wouldn't need a show to build hype.

    Sorry, that turned into a rant. Whatever Hybe is doing with their Japan label is making me beyond frustrated.

    I laughed so hard, I scared my cat!

    Edit: Holy shit I gotta read the fan fic shit they put up on wattpad, was it? It's almost as funny as the stuff people are writing to make fun of it.

    Ohhh the one from here?

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    Yes, it's SO GOOD. I keep trying to Shazam hoping maybe it will come back with a result but... nothing.

    Bipolar is different from depression right? I can’t believe what it would feel like to have it bad. I know some people think depression is like saying they have s bad day - same as being stressed. But I’m sure there are various degrees of it. And it is of course hard for anyone else to know what is going on and how difficult it is.

    The invisible disease it seems. I wonder how many have been more sick during covid lockdown. I’m thinking we’ll see a lot more cases rn :sadface:

    Yes, it's different. There are quite a few different diagnoses in which depression plays a part and you narrow down the correct one by looking at how it presents. That last part can be tricky though. I was initially misdiagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and given an anti-depressant. If you give only an anti-depressant to someone with any form of Bipolar Disorder, it can make the Bipolar Disorder worse, which is what happened in my case. It wasn't anyone's fault. The doctors can only diagnose with the information that the client gives them and I didn't realize that some other symptoms I had were part of my illness so I didn't report them and they were missed.

    I work in an outpatient clinic and our waitlist (and everyone else's) is months long. The pandemic has been brutal, especially for people who were already struggling.

    I honestly don’t know anything about depression or anxiety - it must be horrible.

    Glad you can feel better. But does it never go away?

    Depends. Some people can get to a point where it might go away completely. Most people will always struggle with it in some way but will learn skills (and maybe take medication) that allows them to manage their condition so that it doesn't have such a bad impact on daily life. In my case, I have Bipolar II Disorder so I'll always need to take medication to help keep my mood stable. The medication can't do it all though, so I use different therapy skills that I've learned to help me at times when the medication falls short.