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    I think anyone who’s been here for a while know the “rules” are very arbitrary. During a recent era many of the nice and most active users were permabanned for quite unclear reasons.

    And ofc this is the prerogative of the owner, but I think it would be better to be honest with that rather than the current “ oooooh we think carefully about this and that”. This is a silly kpop forum and some trolls create a lot of traffic and you need traffic to generate revenue, why not just be honest about that

    They certainly don't seem interested in creating a healthy community environment. The amount of banning and then letting people back in that's happened is ridiculous. Anyway, I'm going to take a hiatus, like I said I was earlier.

    Let’s be quite and manifest our evil thoughts the next time we visit the local shaman instead, as talking about why someone is banned/not banned is the one FIRESURE way of getting yo own a$$ banned lol

    lol I've always thought that was such a silly rule in any forum or subreddit. Lacks transparency. Being banned wouldn't make me particularly sad though. I spend too much time online after work anyway and I've been meaning to try my hand at knitting. I may take a break from this place for a few weeks. I'm feeling rather disillusioned about some decisions.

    The initial leaks were largely to apply psychological pressure as well. A psychologically compromised opponent is a weaker opponent.

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    Yes, I'm aware of the boycott goals. I'm Twitter ARMY. Realistically, Scooter isn't going anywhere because there aren't legal grounds to fire him. Those are the facts.

    #HYBEDivestFromZionism: HYBE continues to work and engage with Zionists, especially Scooter Braun and fans are rightfully outraged.

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    Scooter ain't going anywhere. We all hate him but we know he's not going anywhere unless he does something that violates contract.

    From the way it's written, it seems like they run into him in the building and he just straight up ignores them or pretends not to know them whenever they say hello. Even in the lift

    Hybe is refusing to respond (literally saying they won't even bother responding to it) so I think it's pretty legit.

    If someone is saying a lot of absurdities as a strategy, the best approach is actually NOT responding to every claim because then you're constantly on the defense and unable to do anything else. Instead, you ignore most claims and only address the important ones. A non-response doesn't necessarily tell us anything in this scenario except that they refused to address the claim.

    This. At this point in the whole saga, I wouldn't believe statements and pressers from either side of the issue are 100% honest and factual and not completely bent to suit the narratives either side is trying to present.

    Exactly. Each side has a particular motivation and intent and that has to be kept in mind when reading any details. It's like a game of Clue. There's a murder but everyone says it was someone else and nobody's story matches up because things are exaggerated, fabricated, twisted a bit, or omitted.

    This article doesn't add that much new info but I thought it was funny how the journalist managed to add MBTI to the analysis of the conflict lol. Koreans really love their MBTI stuff

    Conflict over whether 'stylist' embezzlement, F Min Hee-jin's emotional appeal VS rational T Hive's public opinion battle [SS

    In addition, both sides expressed concern about continuing the public opinion war through the media excessively due to this incident. Representative Min's noisy press conference is already causing trust in the K-pop industry to be lost not only domestically but also overseas. In particular, in the case of Hive, as artists from various labels continue their activities, all attention is focused on this situation, and interest in the artists' activities is decreasing.

    Last paragraph is odd because, overall, I haven't seen proof that this is affecting how fans support their artists, especially since most overseas fans appear to barely even be following the issue at this point and have largely stopped caring unless their groups are directly involved. Maybe in Korea it's having more of an impact but its hardly made the news in most other countries, from what understand. As for losing trust in the kpop industry in overseas markets- do they mean investors?

    If you need more objective data, then you need to join the court and police by yourselves. If you think what ador/Hybe statement is just merely assumptions, why bother join discussion at all? Forum is not to proven something, it's basically just fans's tool to share information for better media judgement.

    Your response makes no sense because you misinterpreted my comment and are responding to something that I didn't actually say. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    So far, I found Ador/MHJ explanations much align with media report timeline around 2019-2021.

    And until now, Hybe has not provided clear evidence of their accusations. It's almost two weeks and it kept changing from "usurp of management" to "breach of trust" to "embezzlement".

    And to disclose accusations to media before internal audit even performed, pretty much damage their credibility to whatever they said afterward. No sane CPY would risk showing the storm inside their subsidiaries that would have affecting their stock before final audit finished, other than that they need public support to convince board directions that a successful CEO need to be fired.

    it's easy to take side if you just want spend a little bit of research.

    Most of what you just wrote are opinions, assumptions, some subjective interpretations and two actual facts. I'm neutral and I need more objective data.

    How is anyone drawing definitive conclusions about this issue when the public is clearly missing a lot of data and both sides repeatedly release conflicting accounts of events? There's simply not enough information to determine how much each side is responsible or even what exactly happened.