• you are really pretty! :borahae:

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  • Is that you in your profile pic?

  • HI Sandy :oops:

    • Hi Solus :)

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    • wow! you didn't say hi Splendy! I'm impressed! loll Nice to 'see' you! <3 and thanks for the follow!

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    • Nice to “see” you too. lol why should I say splendy? Should it stand for splendid?

      Not for this :pepelove1:

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    • My previous name in the old forum (Splendy), and Splendor before that. Anyhow, i'm done now, haha, Solus it is. Not changing that anytime soon! :big hug: :cutes:

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    • Yeah keep that one ;).


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  • Omg your dp is so pretty! Love my queen

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  • welcome back Sandy!!

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  • how do you get that pretty dotted pink background behind your posts?

    • You have to upgrade your account to AllKill, it’s $5 a month.

      With that you get access to so many things for aesthetics. Like my background, username color, title etc.

    • i have to pay? eye- no thanks lmao

      but thanks for the info

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  • thanks for the follow but why me my friend

    • You seem pretty cool and level-headed that’s why ;)

    • thank you...in which case i ask this of everyone tell me something about yourself?

    • Lmfao, is this a job interview?

      Well I’m someone who speaks her mind, I love music, I like good conversations. I think I’m a decent human being lol. What about you ?

    • job interview???? lol

      I'm just asking questions my friend - I ask this of everyone who follows me - it allows me to better get to know the person on the other end from a personal level.

      firstly have you read my introduction in the introduction subforum? you should go red it its a good read

    • Was just kidding lol. Let me go and check it out

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • ur too bootiful. Imma follow u :pepelove1:

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  • lisa gif to bless your day/night 3x

    Lisa (Gif) | Kpop girls, Lisa blackpink wallpaper, Blackpink

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  • Tasteeee, are you yoshi biased?

  • yo

    • OMG Andy is That you ????


      did u come back bc of Blackpink? I'm trying to figure out how to watch The Show so I thought I would check out the forums to find out more info lol

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    • Haha i never thought you would come back to AKP !!!

      Unfortunately you can’t watch the show anymore if you didn’t bought the access before 31.01 :(

      You have to check it out illegal, I think there will be a rebroadcast this Sunday again.

  • :lover3: hey. How are you?

    • I’m doing great and you :lover3:

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    • me too. Are you watching "The Show" on Sunday? :whatb:

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    • Ohhh yes !!! I won’t miss this :waterr:

      So guess you too right?

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    • oh yes. The time kills me, but thank goodness it's Sunday. :pepe-grooving:

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    • I have to work in Sunday but I can still watch the whole show. Not even a week anymore!!!

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