• yo

  • Sandy??

    • OMG Andy is That you ????


      did u come back bc of Blackpink? I'm trying to figure out how to watch The Show so I thought I would check out the forums to find out more info lol

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    • Haha i never thought you would come back to AKP !!!

      Unfortunately you can’t watch the show anymore if you didn’t bought the access before 31.01 :(

      You have to check it out illegal, I think there will be a rebroadcast this Sunday again.

  • :lover3: hey. How are you?

    • I’m doing great and you :lover3:

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    • me too. Are you watching "The Show" on Sunday? :whatb:

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    • Ohhh yes !!! I won’t miss this :waterr:

      So guess you too right?

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    • oh yes. The time kills me, but thank goodness it's Sunday. :pepe-grooving:

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    • I have to work in Sunday but I can still watch the whole show. Not even a week anymore!!!

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